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Changes! Who doesn’t know about it? Well, one thing is for sure: I’m really close to a big change. Big change in my life really. The good news: you will hear all about it via the Ambient.Zone, sooner or later.  The reason there’s a bit of delay publishing new shows right now …  yes, I know. Sorry, this has to do with the current situation.

To offer you a sneak peek: I’m leaving Rotterdam. Leaving this place after 14 years. And where do I go? A place far away from Rotterdam but very close to the essence of my life. Let me post more about it in January/February. I will have more details by then, when things flow into the next phase: the actual planning and realization.

Feb 7th 2017
 –  Here we are. February!

Couple of weeks left to spend packing my stuff in Rotterdam. There’s a slow flow to this, which is ok. However, I’m starting to get a bit impatient as well, some sort of “I wanna look into the Future” kind of feeling. Because it’s going to be the biggest step in my life….

Soon leaving Rotterdam, The Netherlands. My emigration is scheduled now: I will move abroad to Cyprus. Long time listeners probably do remember a show from 2005 when I  visited Cyprus. I had a really fantastic time! Not only as a holiday destination but there was a lot more to it ….  The best way to describe: like the ground under your feet causing an enormous amount of energy flowing directly into your body, the air you breathe giving a warm and intense feeling inside, happiness connecting with the mind and soul. You don’t wanna leave anymore, you only want to explore and be there! That’s what I call: home.

It’s now 14 years after my very first visit to Cyprus. I’ve been there 4 times now. I’m preparing everything to move into the beautiful island. Everything – ALL stuff in Rotterdam – goes with me. This is both scary and thrilling at the same time! I think this is something you only do once in your life. Boy … am I crazy or what? Uhm. Perhaps. I’m following my dreams, my desires, my thoughts and feelings, my plans that have been on my mind for years. As a matter of fact, ever since I visited the island in 2002, she’s has been calling me every single day. Imagine, how did I survive the past 14 years? I have no idea. I just went on with my life I guess. Like others did.

Thinking that it would fade away over time: Cyprus calling me … the possibilities, the climate,  cities,  countryside, nature, beauty, the very warm and friendly people that live there. Perhaps it would fade, or? On the contrary, the sound in my head got even stronger. Especially because of the crisis,  significant changes in Dutch society and the work related culture that grew so strongly towards a non-personal and almost unfriendly daily drag. People acting like machines. Not showing their innerselves anymore. Fake? Unreliable? And being very, very sarcastic. Yikes! Not to mention the (absurd) tax levels, the weather and too many individuals per square meter earth. 70% of the Dutch working class do not like their jobs! Why? Because they’re not interested. And what happens? Happiness starts to get an illusion. Like you need to breathe but you can’t…

This is how I’ve experienced life over the past few years in Holland. Exceptions? A few yes. But you can count them on one hand (dutch expression). So am I gonna sit and wait till things change? …. No!

I choose Life! Everything is coming together now. I’ve sold my house. I gave up my job to make room for what I really want to explore … Cyprus, here I come!

* And what does this all mean to the Ambient Zone? Uhm. Well, just some more patience please. As soon as I’ve settled down and setup a new Production Suite, you’ll notice a new show online. That first particular show from the new location ….. will be something really special of course!  ETA: April 2017.

love & light,

Feb 13th 2017  –  Cats are Safe, here we go!

The upcoming two weeks a lot of things can be done in the Rotterdam house; cats are now safe @ families so I can really make it happen with all the disassembling, packing, archiving etc. without worrying about where the cats are hiding or even ‘stealing’ things from me, haha! The studio is on the list for next week, every cable, every connector, carefully packed and coded. Please, let me not forget to write down the current setup: the correct routing in the studio/equipment as it is right now. I’ve already spent so much time doing it so it’s worth to nail it down.

April 1st 2017 – Countdown

Friends, I’m waiting for my plane; departure is in 3 days from now. Tomorrow a very relaxing day and packing the suitcases. Monday some online stuff and time to say goodbye here and there. Tuesday it’s Larnaca day! One way ticket from Amsterdam to my beautiful Cyprus. I hope we speak eachother soon and that the new internet connection will be activated in April. And of course: I will play some music for you then 😉 from the new studio … with an entirely different view!!!!


May 25th 2017 – All Arrived

Friends, we’re here … TC, cats, everything. This is Cyprus calling 😉 All fantastic, wonderful house, except for some things. Things that might be considered as typical ‘Cypriot’. Things involving dogs and barking. Sleepless nights because of the barking. Conversations with dog owner, police, council. Cyprus is not as well organized for these matters.

Meanwhile; I’m charging myself after a very hectic period jan/april. Moving to another country is intense. The arrival even more intense. My cats are here now as well, they’re sleeping almost all day and night but they’re good! They eat, drink, play and meow 🙂 and this makes me happy to see. How strange it might sound, I know I’m in Cyprus now, however, it’s still very unreal. Even music sounds different here on the island. Very beautiful actually. I sometimes have to stop playing music , just because my emotions take over.  Every album sounds like new and unheard, I hear things that I didn’t hear back in Rotterdam ….

More news soon.

Thanks all for your e-mail and comments!
I appreciate your thoughts and support!



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  • Hello TC. I’m lying here and listening to your Great Music while Reading your updatet lines. What a Great exciting time!! I’m sooo glad for you! Your attitude is fantastic. Inspiring!! But it’s late und i have to sleep.
    Wish you all the best and a good arrival.
    Sorry for my english 😉

    Love Omme

    • // TC //

      Thanks! Enjoy listening, I’ll play you some more music later … 🙂

  • can’t wait TC. i never wrote before but i am nearly as excited as you to find what lies beyond now. waiting for the next chapter. good luck to you in Cyprus! from ND, USA

  • TC- I hope all is well with you in Cyprus- I am hoping to hear from you musically soon, as I have been listening to you almost since the beginning of Light & Good Luck to You- Carolyn

  • TC –

    Congratulations on your move. I hope you’re all settled by now. I became Greek Orthodox in my 30s (I know it seems unlikely being half Sicilian and a half AzoreanPortuguese, but in ancient times Sisley was known as Magna Greca, so maybe not so strange after all that it felt like reconnecting with my roots). Anyway, I know what it’s like to branch out into a new situation that feels very much like home. And a number of my Greek friends here are Cypriot. They’re wonderfully warm and generous. Just don’t cross them!

    All the best!

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