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Ambient.Zone offers you High Quality mixes and this website. The website is hosted in Holland, the domain name is registered via EuroDNS in Luxembourg and finds it’s way through custom DNS settings to our server in Holland. We’ve taken precautions in order to recover from a malfunction: full backups of the site and the mixes are available. In case of a disaster we should be up and running again in a very short time, depending on the amount of lost data of course. Ambient Zone mixes have been saved three times: in Rotterdam (studio), in London (backup plan 1) and on Mixcloud servers (backup plan 2). The storage on Mixcloud is a free service, all other plans are paid services.


The production of Ambient Zone (audio, mixing and recording, visuals and webdesign) is done on the Apple Mac platform (iMac and Macbook Air) using Apple Audio Production & Recording software, Native Instruments TRAKTOR PRO and Adobe Photoshop CS6.


Big thanks to all that support us, without your help this project would not be possible. – Ambient.Zone / October 2014