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Music Submission

Musicians, producers, labels and other creative people: you can submit your music to the Ambient.Zone!
Just select files you’d like to share. Be sure to get them right here in Rotterdam …. please use services like WeTransfer or any other online file sharing service. Do not invite us the join a Dropbox.

Please, don’t be alarmed if you do not hear from us …. we’re probably busy listening tracks!

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MIX: Speechless [nonstop]

Special dedicated edition – show in 99% silent mode. Our thoughts are with all victims of hurricane Irma; God bless you and help you rebuild your lives and homes. Peace.

Mixed, recorded and mastered in Cyprus by TC.

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This … is not a podcast!

Hi listener. This is just a quick message that I would like to post ( yes, it’s me .. TC) right here in the Ambient Zone.  Call the following a frustration, call it the truth, call it ‘geen blad voor de mond’ like we say in Dutch, meaning: just get the word out.  It’s about time I spit it out.

After reading comments and e-mails (and tweets!) over the past year I said to myself: please people, look at the calendar: this is the year 2017, we’re here in the Ambient.Zone. We’re not in the years 2005-2015 anymore. This is not the SPACEMUSIC podcast anymore. But really, it seems like a big crowd out there got stuck somehow in the Spacemusic Continuum ….  Good for you! Enjoy. But life goes on!

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SHOW: Moon Safari

Inspired by the recent (partial) Moon Eclipse on August 7th: perfect for a 100% Ambient Music session of 90 minutes… Join us on our Moon Safari ft. Jani R, Fejka, Puremusic, Lycoriscoris, Mosaik, Alex Cortiz, David Helpling and many others.

Mixed, recorded and mastered in Cyprus by TC.

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SHOW: 2nd Life!

The Ambient Zone is back online with new shows…! Tune in for the very first one coming from the Larnaca region in Cyprus*: this is the LIVE broadcast from the new home studio. It’s uptempo, it’s downtempo, it’s Ambient & Electronic Entertainment again 🙂

Please, for all your feedback post comments or send an e-mail to the Ambient.Zone

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Close to the essence

Changes! Who doesn’t know about it? Well, one thing is for sure: I’m really close to a big change. Big change in my life really. The good news: you will hear all about it via the Ambient.Zone, sooner or later.  The reason there’s a bit of delay publishing new shows right now …  yes, I know. Sorry, this has to do with the current situation.

To offer you a sneak peek: I’m leaving Rotterdam. Leaving this place after 14 years. And where do I go? A place far away from Rotterdam but very close to the essence of my life. Let me post more about it in January/February. I will have more details by then, when things flow into the next phase: the actual planning and realization.

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NEW release: Atlantic Treasure

I’m really excited to tell you about what’s coming ….


After many years I’ve grabbed the DAT tapes and digitized tracks from the earlier Atlantic Treasure album, to take them to my lab and do something amazing with them. Some material has been in the archives for 22 years (!) After listening to all the tracks and adding a new track, something magical happened in the studio: the story came back to life again! Suddenly I was experiencing all the pieces at a very intense level, went through an inspiring mastering process, got even more excited as I could hear a growing spectrum of frequencies, deep dynamics, well balanced melodies that started to convince me very strongly about what the Atlantic Treasure is all about …..

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MIX: Time Lapse


Here we are … Autumn leaves, chilled temperatures, showers and sunshine in between: it’s time to sit back and relax with the new Ambient Zone Nonstop Mix! Like the title says: “want to get ahead in life while things are getting delayed”. When days become part of a time lapse. Moody tunes, soundscapes, beats, grooves and very intense cinematic pieces. It’s all there for you to enjoy (stream!) and post your personal comments below please. Cheers! ~TC

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LIVE: Ambient Radio August 2016


From Rotterdam – The Netherlands: this is the Ambient Radio Show number 2. Show for August 2016. Please tell everyone about this adventure, share, like and re-post as much as you want!

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