This … is not a podcast!

Hi listener. This is just a quick message that I would like to post ( yes, it’s me .. TC) right here in the Ambient Zone.  Call the following a frustration, call it the truth, call it ‘geen blad voor de mond’ like we say in Dutch, meaning: just get the word out.  It’s about time I spit it out.

After reading comments and e-mails (and tweets!) over the past year I said to myself: please people, look at the calendar: this is the year 2017, we’re here in the Ambient.Zone. We’re not in the years 2005-2015 anymore. This is not the SPACEMUSIC podcast anymore. But really, it seems like a big crowd out there got stuck somehow in the Spacemusic Continuum ….  Good for you! Enjoy. But life goes on!

Remember when I said: it’s time to move on?…

Honestly, I’m getting very – read my lips: very tired of reading messages like “where’s the podcast / RSS feed of this Ambient show like you used to produce with”  … ” TC, I really need the mp3 file, can you help me with it?” … Or : ” TC, I ‘ve missed your voice, but  I can’t hear you where I go because your show is streaming only and I have no internet, what do I do? ”

Such messages will be ignored. We’re done with it.

Please! As I mentioned before: this is 2017. Spacemusic (as in podcast) has left the planet. There’s an archive filled with 9 seasons of Spacemusic (10 years work)  waiting for you via the well known platforms including iTunes ( this is not for free folks – donations are 100% essential to keep this archive alive).

Welcome to the Ambient Zone.
This is the streaming thing.

You know Youtube? You know Spotify? You know Soundcloud and Mixcloud? Same thing!

Announced probably hundreds of times that we’d continue a show in a streaming format. The Ambient Zone. Because: A. I no longer have the time to produce a podcast and set & agree on permissions, regulations, allowances etc. for playing the tracks…  and B. that I would like to be able and play literally EVERY type of music out there to serve you with the best in the genre.

Due to regulations, I can not create and deliver such in mp3 format as an available download. Simply forbidden! Period. DJ’s and creators out there that do so … actually, they are 100% out of line, ready to take the fine/penalty at whatever costs. Their choice! I pass! On top of this: I respect the artists, their works, their rights and income. I respect the law.

If you still do not understand or disagree, it’s your right of course. But hey,  please unsubscribe from the Ambient Zone and leave this place OK? Please do not bother us anymore with e-mails about the format that YOU want, that everything  should be available as a download and what not. Please go! (no more “Mr. Nice Guy”).

For those still here and following, full of understanding, thank you so much for being a loyal listener and subscriber. Good to have you here! The Ambient Zone will continue to produce nothing but the greatest ambient/electronic music shows for you to enjoy.  Format: streaming on Mixcloud, what else? Enjoy as much as you like!


~peace // TC //







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  • t.C I appreciate your honesty and your integrity. Thank you for your shows, your streams and music and for sharing your thoughts with us.
    I hope Cyprus is treating you well.

  • One more thing…..since I have listened to your podcast voice for so many years when I read your posting I can hear your voice in my head as i am reading your words. It’s quite cool. You have a really cool radio voice especially with your cool Dutch accent, anyways I am sure it is annoying to have to repeat yourself so many times. I guess people just miss hearing you speak 🙂 All the best my friend.

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