I Think… Therefore I Ambient (3)


Very Atmospheric episode, tracks you won’t hear that often… that’s why they’re excellent for this station. Electronic music lovers and TB303 lovers tune in please, you won’t regret. Watch that shower! There’s no tracklist whatsoever, which makes this mix even more interesting. Just press PLAY over and over again. Remastered Edition, no jingles, no interruptions. Original air date: April 29th 2006. Timeless, actually…


*** REMASTERED EDITION | Based on Spacemusic #57 The Shy, the Sad and the Busy ***

I Think… Therefore I Ambient (3) by // Tc // on Mixcloud

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    One of the best mixes of 2006. Terrific mix of beats and ambient atmospheres. TC is a master of his craft…

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