Are you the new Spacemusic Youtube Director?

Yes. Spacemusic needs to be out there …. forever!

Here’s what we’re looking for….

Like us you’re totally convinced of and dedicated to the 10-year adventure called the Spacemusic Podcast. And thus, like us, you’re totally convinced that this show should be available online forever! Like us you’re a natural ‘Guardian’ of the Audio Universe; watching and maintaining the presence of the entire Spacemusic podcast Archives: ALL shows from 2005 till 2015.

Like us you’d like to see the Spacemusic Podcast not only being available, but well organized and season wise categorized as well, all shows nicely put into playlists,  of course everything in Hi-Quality audio. Including tracklists, moderating the feedback and comments…

Do we have YOUR attention?
Hi! Please read further…

Here’s why: is looking for this one person, willing, capable and truly passionate about posting ALL of our content (10 years of Spacemusic) on a dedicated YouTube channel we will provide you with. This means: you will be the force and guard behind EVERY single show being available on a dedicated YouTube channel.

Of course, WE provide you with the channel, the files and access to the channel, YOU will be our gateway to make it all possible and available on YouTube!

No worries: we have every show on file 😉 Audio that is. Please drop us a line if you think that you can – not only put audio to youTube – but realize the artwork and tracklist in style as well, using YouTube tools and implementing an easy to understand outline to our followers.

Interested? Shoot an e-mail to

We’re looking forward to the most Passionate person out there! One that is truly capable of being the Spacemusic YouTube Director [SYD] ; probably the most challenging task in podcast history!

~TC /


2017-10-15: update – there will be no dedicated Youtube Channel.

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