Underground again?

Sad to see that people don’t work together that often anymore.
At least in the music industry it’s a rare thing.

Sorry to intrude your day like this…

It’s¬†just the way thing¬†have been¬†recently. Let me share some with you. Having sent tons of e-mails to a variety of artists, labels and what not, it seems like the majority doesn’t bother, doesn’t care, has no ears, no eyes or whatever is going on¬†…. even worse: some¬†found¬†my views¬†and ideas very inspiring and started creating¬†their own projects. Keeping everything ‘for themselves’. You’re welcome!

I’m talking Ambient Zone and Ambient Zone TV ;¬†plans that I ‘ve¬†made and that I ‘ve¬†communicated to a serious amount¬†of parties. Asking them if they wanted to join me in this adventure. It’s really sad to see that many of them¬†did not even¬†try and read about it, consider the possibilities. Or even worse: some have copied¬†the concept and kept¬†their mouth shut about it. There’s examples online now that I won’t mention here as I don’t want to start discussions. Parties¬†that I thought were¬†ok, having the same vision and the same goals. Turns out they have the same goals…. but not as in ‘together’. Why would they.

Is it always the same? No. Of course not. Because¬†sometimes you’ll¬†find good people. The ones¬†that do understand. The ones that really connect. My brothers and sisters in music, friends for life. You know who you are!

Now what?

I have this strong feeling: perhaps it’s time to go underground again. Like I used to do for at¬†least a decade of Spacemusic. Doing things my way, my own style, my own personal¬†approach.¬†Me and my¬†Ambient/Electronic music bubble.¬†No matter what. No matter who’s judging. No matter who’s poking. No matter who tries to steal or copy what I do.

Here’s to¬†the future… and to our¬†delicate group of fans out there, supporting the Ambient Zone. You Rock!






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