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🚀 Full impulse … Ambient style

SPACEMUSIC podcast 13.5  “Edition XL” – features super long tracks that make this chapter truly unique…. an experience ‘electronique’ you shouldn’t miss!

This wonderful ambient mix is available on Ambient Zone, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Patreon and Mixcloud (later in time.) Music available on artists Bandcamp pages, tracklist on our site, infosheets for members and patrons.
Here’s a taste of what’s included:
🎶 Akasha Project – Come Breathing Down
(The Sound of CBD)
🎶 Frore & Shane Morris – Unfolding
(Blood Moon)
🎶 Martin Stuertzer – The Omarion Nebula
(The Omarion Nebula)
🎶 Al Jewer & Andy Mitran – Trancendental
(Surrounding Sky)
BIG THANKS all artists & labels for music submissions ( feedback@ambient.zone )
Full line-up: Steve Roach, Martin Stürtzer, Maneki Neko, Al Jewer & Andy Mitran, Frore & Shane Morris, Dreamstate Logic, Akasha Project. Compiled, arranged, mixed, recorded, processed & finalized by *TC* 🔹
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