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Spacemusic 11.5 SkyBird

Back in Cyprus after my flight to NL – inspired by the flight above the clouds – sunrise, having breakfast, hot Earl Grey tea and the lovely cabin crew of Transavia serving us at 39,000 ft. This is your Flight Control: beware ” Skybird ” is a total < w i d e a n […]

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TV: big data

Gb’s of data … that is what ‘video’ means. There used to be a time called ‘HD’. But now we have bigger things … Bigger files, more data, hard work for the machines in the studio. At the moment the display in the studio shows an air temperature of 30.3 Celsius (86.5F), just installed an […]

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New user RSS feed access (resolved)

2019-06-01 / 08:22AM (EEST) New users always receive a separate e-mail that includes the RSS feed access details. At this moment we’re experiencing an issue where we can’t add new users to the database. As soon as the issue is resolved, new users will receive the e-mail. We’re very sorry for the inconveniences this might […]

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