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Sessions 008 // Flying Dutch Men

September 2022 … Amazing what a piece of vinyl can do!

I was going through my saved record collection and found the G-Spot! 🙂 Performed by Speedy J., WARP Records, 1995. Kind permission by Jochem Paap himself and good news: the album has been remastered and is available on Bandcamp for all digital download fans!

In part 2 we go deeper … we have contact with the Beautiful Cosmos. Tune in to Calabi Yau U4 – pure ambient bliss for over 20 minutes. Sessions presents: Nimanty on vinyl!

Music in this edition comes from:

G-Spot – Speedy J.
Beautiful Cosmos – Nimanty


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S14.8 Non~Stop

“The World Belongs to Us” as the opening for today’s show … magic melodics created by Thomas Lemmer, beautiful vocals, warm chords and a super deep bassline immediately puts your brain on the right mode! A super cool new album from Forest Robots takes us through mountains, along rivers, across wide fields, under the Supermoon… you’ve never heard something so beautiful before, “ Supermoon Moonlight part II” will be released September 2nd on SubExotic Records and you can hear it already on the Spacemusic podcast! 

Further releases include: Andrew Heath, Taiyo Rey, The Expanding Universe, Ian Boddy, Jim Otttaway, Ambiente Solstice, Yagya, NLE, Fluxus, All India Radio.

Tune in for Non~Stop ambient & electronica in one go …. pure entertainment for all people while traveling, hiking, sightseeing or in horizontal position. Compiled, mixed, processed & finalized by TC. Available in various formats, free listening and support plans. Enjoy Spacemusic 14.8 “Non~Stop” 🎶

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Sessions 007 // Deep Listening

August 2022 … If you look around on social media, there’s more pictures of nature than ever before ; people searching for places to breathe, chill, listen to nature and to themselves. There’s more coming from within than you think … come and explore with us today’s deep listening episode!

Music in this edition comes from:

Moonwheel – City of Dawn / Sherry Finzer
One | Colors  – Anatol Locker
One – The Expanding Universe
Still Waiting at the Gate – Christian Fiesel
At The Edge of Feedback – R1B2

” Have a wonderful listening experience! “

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S14.7 Wiser | B-day 2022

Rise and shine! It’s the After Party at TC’s …. thanks for listening to Side A, your emails, your comments and Birthday wishes. I had a great time (online) and feel not only older but ‘wiser’ as well. That’s when Side B comes in! 

Ft. Toteles, Peter Busboom, Pat Keista, Motionfield, Nigel Mullaney, Erik Wøllo, Ferndance, R Beny, Resilience, Confluent Phase, Terminus Void, hosted by *TC*.

Notice the messages I read on the show, hear their voices in your heads ;  how many of us have feelings that sound so familiar, so human. There’s hope! There’s music! The only way to go is FULL thrusters towards the Light!

All tracks have been mixed for super chilled listening pleasure, using 2 ears 😎, the greatest artists, some mixing skills and a Mac computer. ENJOY the SHOW!

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✌🏻 Ready for the B-side ?

New show is ready and sounds great! Timeless releases in this second part of my ‘Birthday’ podcast Spacemusic 14.7

Thanks for emails, couple of them I will mention, never thought of myself as a ‘doctor’ but maybe I didn’t realise!

Show available July 31 – – Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Ambient Zone, Patreon, Mixcloud – –


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S14.7 Older | B-day 2022

Hello…! Welcome to my birthday show 🙂 there’s drinks and snacks and… incredible good music for your listening pleasure. Who said ‘Oliebollen’ can’t be served mid-year? See the fireworks? Close your eyes and see all things we have experienced over the past year(s). We deserve to escape, here’s the chance!

Featuring: Luigi Tozzi, Motionfield, Mario Schönwälder, N:L:E, EFSS, Odysmod, Asura, Aes Dana, Miktek, State Azure. Support the artists! All music can be found on Bandcamp, click the links in the tracklist and purchase the items instantly. 

This is Side A of the show … see you on Side B for another hour of fabulous ear candy!


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Podcast: finances

July & August  – always a party to receive the bills. Professional podcasting is not for free … as you can see 😉  And thanks to our listener support I can ‘manage’ to pay most things… Prices have gone up everywhere, our listening plans stayed the same. So there’s more money going out than coming in sometimes ? … Ooops!

Site hosting : € 320,- (3 yrs) Podcast file hosting € 110.- ( 1 yr) Vimeo Plus / Ambient Zone TV: € 79,- (1yr)  Google backup storage plan: € 20,- (1 yr) Domain name: € 29,-  (1 yr) WP plugins: € 25,- (1 yr) DAW upgrade: € 129,- (1 yr)  Hardware: lost hard drive, replaced by SSD drive: € 200,-

Total: ~ €900,-

If you want to send some extra money our way and help further … that would be AMAZING!
Here’s the link to do that: https://ambient.zone/donate




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Sessions 006 // PERU

July 2022 … When I was 12 I bought a record called ‘Constellations’. Turns out it was gonna be one of my most played records! Filed under ‘synthesizer’ back in the days, this music has become a soundtrack to my life and it still has that magic. Big thanks to Peter Kommers, Ruud van Es and Rob Papen for releasing music as PERU. Today we play it on vinyl … the original sound!

Music in this edition comes from:

Constellations – PERU (1981) LP  buy on Discogs
Continents – PERU (1983) LP – buy on Discogs

CD releases:

Rob Papen:

(p) 1981/1983 CNR

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S14.6 Man vs Machine

In Man vs Machine we get to the challenge: to be or not to be? And how to approach? As humans or robots? You decide. We provide. This episode is a mind blowing adventure into deep lush electronic soundscapes, harmonies, contradictions, freshness, darkness and a surprising twist!

Ft. NLE, HUM, Clocolan, Ivan Teixeira, Peter Busboom, C-Jay, René vd Wouden, Colin Benders, Terminus Void. Support the artist, they make this show possible!

Attention! Notice the Summer Deal available now for free listeners : €40,- OFF for a Full Year PREMIUM membership. This includes Spacemusic, Sessions, Scanner, The Lab, tracklists, infosheets, show archives, private RSS feeds per each show….

Thank you for keeping Ambient Zone in the ether : it’s a fully listener supported journey.

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