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New Workshops for all !

Great news  everyone! We are proud to announce that we now have two brand new workshops planned for this Summer. One in the Ambient Zone and one in collaboration with the Sound University Europe. You can find all information below and via the provided links. Have fun reading about it and hopefully see you guys soon!


For those that want to learn more about podcast production and specifically about the podcasts coming from the Ambient Zone … THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! The “Showtime!” workshop is a 3-day workshop that makes you become part of the entire podcast production process: you will see how shows like ‘Spacemusic’ are made. You will meet *TC* and together you will prepare the tracklist, prepare the storyboard and record the show LIVE! Yes indeed …. you’ll get the chance to host the show! Announce your favorite artist or just say “Hi” to friends and family! These 3 days are simply Big Time entertainment and give you a fantastic look behind the scenes.

This workshop takes place in Oroklini, ☀️Cyprus. A unique event and probably the most memorable trip you’ll ever book!
More details: https://www.ambient.zone/showtime/

Info / Booking


The Sound University Europe offers a unique 10-day workshop for chill-out music enthusiasts to make a chill-out/ambient music production in Logic Pro: You will make an ambient / chill-out music production based on a certain theme, together with the legendary producer Martin “Youth” Glover in an inspiring, chill-out environment in Andalusia, ☀️Spain.

This workshop is for musicians who love chill-out music and want to learn (more) about the creative and technical process of music production in Logic Pro. More details: https://www.ambient.zone/chill-out-music-experience/

Info / Booking


Let your Summer start today! 😎👍🏼

// Ambient Zone Academy //

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Spacemusic 11.3 Sketches

Today’s show guides you through the ambient/electronic/acoustic landscape ….seen from a distance: “Sketches” is about images, sounds, memories and emotions. Music as a way of illustrating the way we evolve. Who are we? Where are we? What’s the next step about?

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Spacemusic 11.1 Projections

The very first episode in Season 11 of the Spacemusic podcast … can you believe we’ve been online for such a long time already? This certainly is a mind blowing opening-mix that includes some uplifting ambient, spacious programming and the most wanted effects, progressive loops and groovy vibes. Hello!

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Spacemusic 10.27 Starburst

It’s the Mid-December show, welcome to the Ambient Zone! Today’s setting: studio, electric heater, hot cup of coffee, chocolate and an old jumper + winter socks. Absolute fabulous music to get us in the Electronic Christmas mood 🙂

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Spacemusic 10.26 Dream Machine

Switch on your Dream Machine … and enjoy the view! Tracks, Textures, Soundscapes combined with a bit of magic. No beats at all, pure ambient and soundtrack style, flying over the sectors in the past, present and future.

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Spacemusic 10.25 Cosmic Gate

Get ready for a deep ambient episode … a show that will open up doors to the Cosmos :-)Extra attention for the music by Pete Namlook, who passed away 6 years ago in November 2012. Still shocking if you think about it. Not only he has created so many great projects and albums, he also showed us what you can do with certain sounds and instruments: take away the boundaries of traditional music thinking, making ambient music bigger than ever before.

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Spacemusic 10.24 Clockwork

Show for October 30.

Winter’s coming … the end of DST is the beginning of the rest of the year! Today’s episode comes from the studio, having coffee, surrounded by electronics, sunlight through the window, pleasant temperature, poll results, comments and …. fantastic music!

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Spacemusic 10.23 Walkabout

This is a walk through the home town region; we cross Dhekelia Road, pass the Palm Beach Hotel, have a swim and then crossover to Sveltos Hotel: where I enter the Lobby after 17 years again!

Let us guide you on this tour including a fantastic ambient/downtempo soundtrack.

Music by 36, Cymphonic, Jacob Gurevitch, John Ososki, The Circular Ruins, Anton Belov.
All show content is recorded, mixed, mastered and show-finalized by TC in the Ambient Zone.

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Spacemusic 10.22 Road Humps

Show on the road!

This is a Soundseeing episode from the Oroklini/Larnaca area in Cyprus. We go shopping for gadgets, groceries and we visit Dhekelia Road in the evening. Music & Soundseeing mixed into this 48 minutes audio event for your ears to enjoy, for your imagination to explore.

Tracks by Shall Remain Nameless, Valaron, Kora, Sundial Aeon, AES DANA, Circular, Adam Fileding, Alpha Wave Moment, Cryostasis.

Show content is recorded, mixed, processed and finalized by TC in the Ambient Zone studios, Cyprus.


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