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Mixloud: S12.17 Variations I.


In the September 2020 edition of Spacemusic we bring you Variations in 2 parts. The first part – Space Never Ends – is based upon vibrations coming from the outside and what the effect is on us – human beings. The vastness that surrounds us, places we’ve never been or seen in real-time. New dimensions to explore!

Variations part 1 is the soundtrack ft. Tauon, Moonlooker, Gmo, Dense, Spuntic, EFFS, Laroth, Pangaea Projekt, Daniel Coppens, Ian Boddy, Stefan Bojczuk, Lander, Sverre Knut Johansen.

Big thanks to all artists and labels joining us today!
For optimal support: go and buy their original works.

Have a great listening experience!

// ambient zone //

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Dreamstate Logic: in the Scanner podcast!

2020.11.20 /// Scanner podcast presents:

@dreamstatelogic 🎶 Live Première on our YouTube channel and Discord server.

Warm welcome to our next guest in the #scannerpodcast : Dreamstate Logic – The solo electronic music project of Colby Sixx, currently residing in the vast, unforgiving expanse of desert land known as Arizona.

📺 Enjoy the LIVE PREMIERE – 📺  youtube.com/ambientzoneTV
20 November / 4.00pm UTC – 5.00pm CET – 6.00pm EET – 8.00am PT – 11.00am ET

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Black Friday HOT Deal

It’s already here …. our BLACK FRIDAY HOT DEAL!

Wanna listen to our podcasts in high(er) audio quality ánd support our electronic music station?

👉Go grab our special offer for new members only:
1 Year Ambient Zone Premium Membership for a crazy price!

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Spacemusic 12.21 “Long Distance” – tune in!

Show for 2020-11-11 ▶️ This transmission hopefully arrives in time for your winter season ; we hope you’re looking forward to the end of 2020 a few weeks from now. Mostly enjoying the good things in life and not thinking too much about what can’t be.

It’s tough – for us as well. Christmas next month is going to be very, very different for all of us. Not the typical ‘driving home for Christmas’. So what do you do?

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Name-Your-Price (disease)

Bandcamp notified TC the other day – money was on the way for album sales!

When words are not enough to thank the buyer … we better post a screenshot. Let’s be honest: do you think this ‘Name-Your-Price’ invention will save the world? Will it save musicians from bankruptcy?

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Mixcloud: S12.16 Probiotics


Here’s our recipe filled with (by) ’Probiotics’ : the good bacteria our body’s need!

From Outer Space adventures to Meditation and Deep Resonating tracks – carefully selected, mixed and arranged in magical order that flows so natural.


Starring: High on Isra, Erik Wøllo, Tauon, Blue is Nine, Ancient Astronaut, Jim Ottaway, Sverre Knut Johansen, Apollo North, Der Waldläufer, Thomas Lemmer, Venja, Jonn Serrie, James Murray, Francis M. Gri

Have a wonderful listening experience!

// ambient zone //

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Spacemusic 12.20 “Unity 2020” , come closer!

Welcome to show number 20 in Season 12 – recorded for you to enjoy the max! Today’s recipe is simple: press play and don’t touch anything anymore, except for the ‘repeat’ button.

Brand new releases and some oldies but goodies, all mixed and matched for a super soothing listening experience that does include couple of beats to keep the blood pumping 🙂

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We’re here! On our Discord server!

Happy to announce that we now have our own Discord server! From now on we can all come together and talk…. Open 24/7 so you can join us whenever you like 👍

We’ve been listening to your feedback and thinking about ways to interact and communicate with each other from any device. The Discord platform is what came out. Fully integrated with Patreon, Members and Visitors to expect.

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Meg Bowles : in the Scanner podcast!

🎥 2020.10.21 // PREMIERE Ft. Meg Bowles ► award winning composer-synthesist, psychoanalyst and member of the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis, producing electronic space music since 1992.

Show online this Wednesday – on our Youtube channel and in high quality audio format on Ambient Zone and Patreon.

 3.00pm UTC – 4.00pm BST – 5.00pm CEST – 6.00pm EEST – 8.00am PDT – 10.00am EDT  📺  youtube.com/ambientzoneTV  Enjoy the LIVE première and chat with us!

// ambient zone //

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Mixcloud: S12.15 NONAME


From Mediterranean Flamenco Guitar, to Groovy Beats, to Space Ambient and intriguing Acoustics. Everything is in there and we’re proud! Proud of all the artists that have shared their music with us. The quality is exceptional.

Featuring: Sherry Finzer, Chris Jacome, Thomas Lemmer, Liminal Drifter, Approaching Black ft. Avalon Mia, Off Land, Specta Ciera, Chronotope Project, Tauon, Igneous Flame, Ardley, Moonlooker, Jourdan Laik, Polar Moon, Andrew Heath.

Big thanks to all artists and labels, joining us on our way through the ultimate music galaxy. Special thanks to Heart Dance Records, Silk Music, Spotted Peccary Music, Sine-Music.

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