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How the Mixcloud model works?

Ever wondered how the Mixcloud Select revenue model works?
So did we! And so we started following the money …

The model:

” The creator gets 60% of what’s left every month from everyone who subscribes to them “

” The other 40% goes to Mixcloud, so we can invest it back into the platform and keep things running– administering our licenses, building the website and the apps, hosting the audio, paying our rent, etc. “

Source: mixcloud.com / https://tinyurl.com/vpkjjs8

At the end of the day, there’s this question that we think is only fair to ask: since when are Creators being charged for the Mixcloud rent, app and website maintenance? And do our fans realise that 18% of their pledges gets to us – the Creator? *


Well, now you know.

*) Note: the currency conversion/bank fees – they take their part (again) at the end of the chain which is not showing in the flowchart.

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S11.14 “Life/Death” on Mixcloud

👉 The Older you get, the more serious Life and Death seems to become… More people fade away, pass away. Sometimes after sickness, sometimes all of sudden. Either way it’s not easy to process the death of people that you are somehow ‘connected with’. It’s a true pain when realizing you won’t receive anymore e-mail from the person that passed away, or the person who died will not be featured in a new series or movie anymore.

If Life is all about the renewal and refresh of the memory, than we have to take life more serious than ever! The Afterlife doesn’t mean that you ‘will be back’ in another life as the same person you are now. The Afterlife can refer to ‘you’ that is becoming another ‘you’ without the ‘knowing’ of the current ‘you’ that is ‘I’.


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Music by Request

👉 Next month it will be a fact …. we’ll be just before the New Decade! The year 2020 is on it’s way folks 🙂
Great opportunity to tell us what track/album/artist you would like to hear on our special Christmas/End–of–the–Year Spacemusic podcast edition. A save-the-best-for-last kind of episode in 2019.
It will be an Ambient & Electronica show, recorded LIVE so …. what can go wrong, will go wrong and we don’t care 😉
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Creation started …

Monday November 11th 2019 – the creation of Spacemusic 11.21 has started. Next up: setting up the Tracklist including the links to all the fantastic music in this new Episode. This is done before the show is recorded.

Actually, it all started last week when I matched tracks and did the recording of the LIVE mix. So in fact the Nonstop®edition is ready for publishing. This is where tons of DJ’s and creators out there stop: they upload the mix and that’s it. New show. Done.

Hmm. Let’s go a bit deeper shall we?

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Spacemusic 11.13 From Within

The wind and the engines causing a true sound phenomenon that interludes today’s mix of extreme laid-back tracks… Musical contributions by Steve Roach, Miles Richmond, Peter Grenader, Johan Agebjörn, OVOD, Nihoni, Sensitize, Andrew Heath and 3six.net.

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On The Road | Music Video Tours

Sit back and relax … Take a tour the modern way! Shot and edited in Ultra HD® this is a Music Video series brought to you by Ambient Zone. From a driver’s perspective you can now discover Cyprus and listen to fantastic music!

Full versions of the Music Videos are available on our site for members.
Learn more by going to https://ambient.zone/become-a-member

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Spacemusic 11.12 “HEATWAVE”

FREE MIXCLOUD STREAM | There’s a fan in every room now … blowing air into our lives, into our hearts!  Welcome to Cyprus, where the Heatwave has been intense … End of June, we had temperatures of 39C (102.2F) for couple of days in a row.

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Spacemusic 11.11 Strawberry Moon

FREE MIXCLOUD STREAM | This show (June 14th 2019) is inspired by the Moon and the Sky, our guide and beacon, helping us to explain where the heck we are these days. Show 11 in Season 11 (oh yes!) will guide you through the most remarkable music that we found for your full moon watching and other moments. Do not forget the strawberries!

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