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S11.18 Soundfulness


When music meets thoughts: this episode is a unique blend of tracks forming the perfect soundtrack to some soul searching and visualizing a deeper meaning of why we’re here  As long as we are willing to listen carefully and explore – “Soundfulness” is your personal guide, a Journey into the best ambient and electronica music as a soundtrack to your Search

Musical contributions by Kenji Kawai, Kikai, Johan Agebjörn, Sverre Knut Johansen, Robert Rich, Aaron Marshall, Jordan Christoff, Alio Die, Lorenzo Montaná, Csillagköd, James Bernard, Bart Hawkins.

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S11.17 Instant ZEN


Tune in, sit down, relax, it’s time for your dose of good ambient music. Finest Treatment after days of hard working, information overloads, discussions, stress, feeling tense, feeling hyper, moving fast …. Listen to this show and you will agree: there’s more in the air than you can imagine. It’s the Spacemusic podcast, guiding you though your daily life, through the labyrinth of our existence. Musical contributions by Kelly David, Sinius, Jarguna, Steve Roach, Cryostasis, Eskostatic, B. Ashra.

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S11.16 Fresh Air!


Hey, do you smell it? … It’s Fresh Air!

Special edition of the Spacemusic podcast. Chosen by our listeners as one of their favorite sho series: Fresh Air! – that we started 12 years ago – is something magical so we decided to bring in the coffee machine and play the best tracks from the good old lounge series.

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S11.24 Oliebollenshow 2019


The Moment we’ve all been waiting for … bye bye 2019!

Welcome to the final Spacemusic episode this year – almost a tradition – and pretty intense for sure – the Oliebollenshow is a mixture of music, comments, fireworks, drinks, oliebollen, rubbish, too much compression on the audio and more!

Musical contributions balls by All India Radio, Tontario, Benjamin Gustafsson, Ionnalee, Attlas, Shook, Budakid, Joseph Ray, Linah Rocio, The Lighthearted, Nako Yanagisawa, Marley Carroll, Hydra Coil, Thomas Lemmer, SINE, SPQH, Scann-Tec, Between Interval, BT, Quay And Compass, Arctubulae, David Helpling, Mike Beever, Jim Ottaway, Ishq.


Big Thanks to all artists that are now part of this party that interludes… the brand new Year 2020 !!! Big Thanks to all listeners that Support of by being a Member/Patron !!! Big Thanks for all Audio Comments and Voice Messages !!! Big Thanks to all listeners that have now tuned in to listen to this show !!!

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S11.15 Sun-Sea-Sleep

The other day …. on the beach, having a good relaxation time. The sea not far away from me, some children playing in the water, music on my headphones, full sunshine, my parasol and a nice breeze. All of sudden there was this huge amount of energy; a connection really! The combination of light, music and the energy around me made it all happen. Deeply touched and feeling One with the Universe.

I went back into the studio and started playing tracks. Here it is … Welcome to Spacemusic 11.15 – about the energy that surrounds us as long as you’re willing to explore and absorb.

Play this episode at any volume: satisfaction guaranteed 👍🏼 Musical contributions by Jon Ososki, Thomas Lemmer, Christoph Sebastian Pabst, Liam Thomas, Eskostatic, My Noise, Black Brunswicker, Yagya, Ludvig Cimbrelius, Aqua Mundi and Pat Keista.



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Tape: Ambient Nights

Get ready for a TAPE experience! 😎 and go back to the 90’s. Today’s session is coming from a tape recorded in August 1997 using 3 CD players, a mixer/FX device and a tape deck. There might even be some vinyl there … Some of the music is from 1992, that is indeed 27 years ago 💫

All was recorded LIVE, no editing on the computer. A little gain/compression has been added in the final stage just before publishing, to meet your ears and modern hifi sets  It has never been released on a podcast before. It’s a wonderful mixture of tracks.

Ft. SETI, James Bernard, Human Beings, Beaumont Hannant, Pete Namlook, Atom TM, Higher Intelligence Agency and some unknown stuff 

► Show also available as a download on our Patreon page and Ambient Zone member’s HUB.



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Black Friday New Members Deal

Spacemusic Enhanced membership is now available for 30% OFF – this means you now only pay €59,- for an entire year full of Spacemusic! You will have access to the MP3 files and the AAC files of all Spacemusic episodes in Season 10, 11 and the upcoming Season 12.

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