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Fresh Air! 2020 – OXYGEN

*** Available on Mixcloud ***

Your ears need something like this today ❤️

Enjoy the downtempo/lounge and some beats in this brand new Fresh Air! edition. Music that makes you happy, music that makes you feel good. It will help you getting your mind off the current situation for an hour…. you deserve it!

Tracks by Lee Burridge, Izzet, Nicholas Gunn, Chrypton, Claude Debussy, Jean-Bernard Pommier, Robert Rich, Weathertunes, Thomas Lemmer, Tina Sona, Samantha James, Max Melvin, Alex M.o.r.p.h.

Mixed & Recorded by *TC*
Stay calm, relax and stay healthy!

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S 12.2 Bright Skies


Up that mountain we go today! …. feel the snow, breathe the air, look around you… everything on the same island: Cyprus where Summers hit hard and Winters can become a Wonderland. This episode of Spacemusic brings you fantastic grooves and very inspiring tracks by a variety of artists around the globe, as the soundtrack to our walk in the snow.


Musical content provided by Eleon, David Helpling, Pangaea Projekt, Darshan Ambient, Diane Arkenstone, Ivan Teixeira, Riptidal, Andy Leech, Victoriya, Paul Keilhau, Rudy Adrian, Motionfield.

Original Air Date: 2020-01-28

🙏 Special Thanks to Spotted Peccary Music, Michael Crain, Riptidal Music, Paul Keilhau, TXT Recordings and all artists for making this adventure happen.

*** Also available as HQ download on our Patreon Page / Ambient.Zone ***

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2020 will bring Change!

Hello Ambient Zone readers, visitors, members,

There’s a lot going on in the outside world. Maybe you’re staying home, maybe you’re wondering what will happen next. Well, to begin with: it’s not going to be easy. It’s not easy to recover after the world has been closed/locked down. And the worst is yet to come, some say. But don’t let this affect you and cause you to go down the negative spiral … As Life continues! We are humans and we want to survive!

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YouTube: How We Create Spacemusic – part 2

Here we are!. .. Second episode of a series that introduces you to TC’s World: creating the Spacemusic podcast for thousands of listeners online! In the electronic music genre _ Spacemusic _ was the very first podcast, letting the music flow like it was meant to flow and treating the audience with live soundseeing, soundscapes, interviews and cooking…


In this episode we will hear about the way the music is being mixed and recorded, how all ingredients find eachother in the production software, the changes of equipment over the years and adding the sauce that makes everything sound like – Spacemusic! We celebrate 15 years of Spacemusic .. so let’s grab some old shows and play a couple of interesting takes!

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This is it. Not going anywhere.

Hi friends in our Ambient Zone,

Hope you’re well.  Hope you’re healthy.
My advise is : stay healthy as long as possible  – specifically in the brain. Keep thinking, clearly!

In case you have not noticed yet , there’s a Coronavirus Outbreak going on and I have something to share with you.

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S 12.1 “Emanator”


Welcome to a brand new Season 12! Now also on Mixcloud …

There’s so much good music available to choose from … as a start it’s going to be very ambient and soundscape today. Total relaxation comes with “Emanator”, creating the perfect vibes for your winter.

Musical contributions by Fjeld, Johan Agebjörn, Mikael Ögren, Toby Marks, Andrew Heath, Michael Crain, Jason Carey, Bruno Sanfilippo, Darshan Ambient, Saul Stokes.

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Hollan Holmes writes …

Two songs from Milestones are the first two songs in the lineup of the latest Ambient Zone program. This is a stunning…

Posted by Hollan Holmes on Thursday, February 27, 2020


🙏🏻 THANK YOU Hollan, some very kind words my friend! 🙂  We LOVE it! Enjoy the new Spacemusic podcast and yes. … all music and transitions in 12.4 are purely coincidental 🙏🏻 and in a certain way ‘searched for and dreamed of’ 💫 ~TC // ambient zone

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Travel Without Moving 🎶

✅ Music in this promo :

Hollan Holmes – Ayyappan – from his brand new album “Milestones”

Available on Spotted Peccary Music:

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