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Sessions 020 // Blue is Nine

September 2023 – Blue is Nine, a.k.a. Gary Mulford, is an award winning ambient, electronic, ambient post-rock musician from New Jersey – USA.  We’ve played tracks on the Spacemusic podcast over the years and now it’s time to listen to this music in a nonstop flow! Today’s Sessions contains tracks from 6 albums by Blue is Nine: compiled and mixed in Ambient Zone style, soundscapes and music, your feet won’t even feel the ground.

Personally: Blue is Nine equals one of the best ambient performances out there, with a unique style of electronic storytelling, grabbing the listener by it’s beautiful sounds and strong atmospherics that you won’t hear anywhere else. Quality time at any moment. Thank you Gary for being on our show!  ~TC

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Google announces to stop Google Podcasts

Have you heard from Google recently that Google Podcasts is going away…? Seriously. There’s never been soo many podcasts out there and Google decides to stop the Google Podcasts app.

On the backend we’ve seen yearly technical issues when submitting a new Season of our podcast. Same story every year and took Google couple of weeks to solve. I hope that this ‘shift’ from Google Podcasts to YouTube, is for the better and brings us more peace of mind.

Google expects to have all podcasts available in YouTube by the end of this year. Tools will be made available in 2024 that helps you migrate your subscriptions. Tools by Google that is.

More info: https://support.google.com/youtubemusic/thread/236590252

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S15.09 Re:turn (to a place called home)

Back in The Netherlands – Cyprus is no more. I’ve re:turned to Dutch society and processing everything I see, hear and feel. Spacemusic certainly helps! So here’s the recipe to listen and absorb.

Featuring Robert Babicz, Blue is Nine, Lars Leonhard, Erik Seifert, Josef Steinbuechel, Connect Ohm, David Helpling, Pangaea Projekt, Purl & Sinius, Andrew Heath, Daryl Groetsch, Nathan Speir.

In the next podcast episode I can probably tell you more about a project coming: the repair and replacement of the dormer in the attic. I hope to have a better idea then how much of the studio needs to be dismantled… fingers crossed and stay tuned!

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September in Holland

In short: too hot to sleep !

Who would have thought that I’d be saying this after my 5 year adventures in Cyprus? Back here in Holland we’re having a heatwave! I escaped July in Cyprus – which was full of heatwaves – and now it’s a bit the same in Holland, which I think is highly unusual for the country.

6 Days straight in a row, temps 30C.
Coming down no sooner than Tuesday next week.


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Sessions 019 // Christian Wittman

Back in Holland – this is a Sessions artist special! Featuring Christian Wittman, one of the founding members of the French band Lightwave – known for it’s electronic and ambient music since the 1980s. Christian is publishing his solo music productions, he has a Bandcamp page with over 50 releases. The genre is at the crossroads of ambient music and cinematic music, with a strong emphasis on sound design and atmospheres.

Good to be back in the studio, thank you all for your support and your wishes on my socials and through e-mail!  ~TC

Music in this episode comes from the albums:

* Windy Lands  (Jan. 2023)
* Music for Art Gallery 1  (Dec. 2022)
* Shadows of Fading Time  (May 2023)

All music available on Christian Wittman’s Bandcamp page:

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Double LP but not

How you can recognise crazy times?…. when double albums are released on vinyl and you find side A,B and C to have content and side D to be empty/unplayable. The most stupid way of releasing 2xLP in my opinion.

Have found such items, like “Amazonia” by Jean-Michel Jarre, “Collections from the Whiteout” by Ben Howard and the upcoming new release by Anouk “Deena & Jim”. Side D is empty and can even be tricky: if it’s unplayable it means there’s no groove printed. Imagine putting the stylus on the record at night , trying to play side D….

Have artists become scared of putting at least some sound on side D ?
Why release double vinyl if there ain’t enough songs?

Crazy times!


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S15.08 The Dream Machine

After my arrival back in Holland things went bad. Issues with fever, throat, muscles, pain and a lot of sleep. An insane amount of sleep! Have experienced flu in the past but this time the shit really hit the fan. Could not keep my eyes open longer than a minute orso, boom back to sleep. But with fever past 39C .. thoughts, dreams and visions become a bit distorted. So tiring. After 4 days the fever stopped. Thank God! Soon after I got out of bed, the next family member was down. Mum had picked it up as well. In short : we’re here but we’re not there yet! Fighting a virus that needs no name, feeding our bodies with natural boosters, care and a lot of patience.

As soon as I could accept music coming into my ears again – believe me , this took time – I started collecting tracks for a new podcast. Show 15.08 is a wonderful ‘Dream Machine’ type of listen, playing music pretty much in a nonstop mode. I could not do a LIVE recording at this time. I want you to focus on the tunes and go out there and support the wonderful artists!

Featuring: Aaron Marshall, Eleon, John Gregorius, Sean O’Bryan Smith, Jim Ottaway, Nathan Speir, N:L:E, Kiphi, Blue is Nine, John Reidar Holmes, Orbital Patterns, Off Land, Johan Agebjörn, Spacecraft.

Feedback at Ambient dot Zone 4 anything you want to say or mention … thank you for being here, stay well, enjoy life, the max!

DONATIONS to help us finance this circus 🙂


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The Art of Listening

Hi guys! Wanted to share this documentary with you all … as it really reflects very well the process of creating all kinds of music and experiencing music as a listener. There’s much in it. Enjoy!

The Art of Listening is a documentary film about the journey music takes to reach a listener’s ear, from the intent of an instrument maker and composer, to the producers and engineers who capture and preserve an artist’s voice. This journey is narrated by intimate conversations with artists, engineers and producers about the philosophy of their work and the intent behind each musical note they create.

“You Need To Love It More, Not Love More Of It”

// AZ

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Sessions 018 // Sunrise in Cyprus

July 2023 … Early Sunday morning scene – hear the village I stay. Sporty people of all kinds, crickets and birds, cars and motorbikes, wind and vibes. Let’s play a variety of tunes to get you started today!

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Music in this episode comes from :

First Result – KELMEN
The Dream Collider – ELEON ft DAVID HELPLING
Nice and Quiet – NICO LESS
Hydrostatic – MYSTIC CROCK
Through A Cave into Another World – RUDY ADRIAN
Station 5 – SOLAR FIELDS
As the Sun Sets Across Wide Open Fields – FOREST ROBOTS
Nordic Seas – CARL LORD
Talisman: Endless Rose – OFF LAND

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