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Spacemusic 10.21

Coming from the Penthouse Terrace this is your guide into the greatest Ambient Soundscapes in one-go. Recorded in September in Cyprus. Feel the intense vibes and drift away!

Tracks by: Hollan Holmes, Madhavi Devi, Linah Rocio, The Lighthearted, Thomas Lemmer, Hidden Orchestra, Eskadet, Amethyste, Submotion Orchestra, T. Quaeschning, U. Schnauss, Alpha Wave Movement, Fabric of Light.

Show content is recorded, mixed, processed and finalized by TC in the Ambient Zone studios, Cyprus.

*** Have a wonderful listening experience! ***

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Spacemusic 10.20 Ambient ’90P2

At the end of August … time to hit ‘record’ and show you around again in the Ambient ’90 landscape!

Sit back, relax and be amazed by sounds & vibes from more than 20 years ago.
Show content is recorded, mixed, processed and mix-finalized by TC.

Music by Double Muffled Dolphin, BOLA, Sketch, Autechre and Link.

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Spacemusic 10.19 Arrival

Back in the studio … hello …? Anyone there? ????

The very first recording from the new location in Cyprus. Welcome to Voroklini and welcome to episode 19 “Arrival”. Three things you can do with this weather: Beach, Pool or turn on the AC in the studio. We’ve chosen for this last option bringing you super cool(ing) ambient music & soundscapes.

Music by Hydra Coil, Patrick O’Hearn, DAS, Rudy Adrian, D. Martin, G. Klamt, M. Rownd, Between Interval.

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Spacemusic 10.18 Travel.eXe

Special episode of the Spacemusic podcast: based upon a show from 12 years ago … while TC is busy moving to his new apartment and building a new studio, all of you can relax now and enjoy this nonstop edition®.

An amazing journey through the mesmerizing electronica landscape!

Music by Samual Edsall, Culture Beat, Jan Morgenstern, Polygon Ring, Old Brian, Enrique Deschutter, Jonix, Kali Frogz, Venja, Software, Pinza.

Original release date: October 2006

Enjoy Your Flight , . . . . .
// ambientzone //

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Spacemusic 10.17 Anaesthesia

This episode is created and produced by TC in a state of After-Anaesthesia. It’s a nonstop magical mix of (edited) tracks, soundfx and undefined content.

Anesthesia or Anaesthesia (from Greek “without sensation”) is a state of temporary induced loss of sensation or awareness. It may include analgesia (relief from or prevention of pain), paralysis (muscle relaxation), amnesia (loss of memory), or unconsciousness. A patient under the effects of anesthetic drugs is referred to as being anesthetized….

Music by Ishq, Haulm, Conjure One, Perfect Silence, Sonofreq, 4Lienetic, Pensees, I Awake, Jeff Greinke, Shall Remain Nameless.


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Spacemusic 10.16 Vortex

Today’s show features adventurous tracks for the real electronica addict 🙂 Music that really helps you to relax, having coffee, refreshment, power nap or your well deserved night of sleep …

Listen to: Max Corbacho, Lauge & Baba Gnohm, Move D., S1gns of L1fe, One Arc Degree, Hollan Holmes, Justin Vanderberg, Jeff Scott Castle, Jonn Serrie, Vangelis, S.E.T.I.


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Spacemusic 10.15 Beautiful Nothingness

Allow yourselves to relax … do nothing …

LIVE from the pool & studio today’s show is a wonderful sonic adventure through your speakers and headsets. Cyprus weather is 29C, sunny, some clouds, playing records for you, feeling all better again!

Tracks by Nimanty, Astron, Steen Thottrup, Slam Duck, All India Radio, Xerxes, They Dream By Day, Erik Wøllo, Lab’s Cloud and Tom Day.

Experience … Nothingness.


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Spacemusic 10.14 Re:covery

Serious sounds from all over the globe, blended together and processed in the Ambient Zone labs for maximum listening pleasure: welcome to the 14th show in Season 10.

Music by AES DANA, Pensees, Ionnalee, Aether, Asura, AK, Miwon, August Wilhelmsson, Maneki Neko, Pyramid Peak and TM Solver.

cheers, ~TC

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Spacemusic 10.13 Ambiotics

This …. is a fever talking show, driven by high temperatures and nSAIDs. Heavily on drugs [Antibiotics] to strike back and conquer the body and mind till the last cell.

Join this super trippy episode of the Spacemusic podcast ft. music by Andrew Thomas, Jairamji, Loscil, Legowelt, Biosphere, Pan-American, Sonofreq, Miguel Isaza, Huerco S., Kris Force, Lukid, 36 and James Murray.
Back to the regeneration room.

*** Have a great flight ***

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Spacemusic 10.12 Mind full of Stars

Welcome to ambient and electronic entertainment in “Mind full of Stars” – a variety of beats, grooves, hypnotics, flows and soundscapes that really grab you and help you to relax and just be. Explore your inner landscapes. Realize what’s important: speed or quality of life?

Music performed by Kiasmos, Hibrid, Doyeq, Schiller, Wiljan, Blaudzun, Robert Babicz, ScannTec, Poemme, Echo Grid and Sverre Knut Johansen.

Be inspired 🙂 Peace!

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