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Spacemusic 12.19 “Time Capsule”, step in please!


This is October 🏝 … and while summer still continues on the island (6 months in a row now) here’s your upcoming Autumn booster!

Because our minds affect the mood we’re in, come and step into our Capsule. Tracks that come from the past and present : a miraculous blend of flavours that match and mix like a delicious menu. Let’s fly back and forth through the timeline and breathe in deeply…

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Tell us what you think!

Epilogue: not saying its an obligation, but feedback what you think of show episodes will definitely help us to interact, learn, anticipate and create the best podcasts you can imagine 🎶🎤 Hope you have an idea what we’re trying to say here. TOGETHER we can DO this! #notalone

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Mixcloud: S12.14 The Healing


We do not have a vaccine yet, but we do offer “The Healing” – that was made for you to chillout, relax, breathe in and out, charge yourselves and drift away on soothing tunes. It’s all about perspectives and focus on good things in life. Featuring Fade, Igneous Flame, Jim Ottaway, Moonlooker, Ivan Teixeira, Scott Reich, Arctubulae, Eden Iris, Dreamstate Logic, David Helpling.

Big thanks all artists, Spotted Peccary Music, Heart Dance Records, Sine Music.
Big thanks to all Patrons and Members supporting us financially.

Enjoy show 12.14 – THE HEALING

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Spacemusic 12.18 Variations 2. – ‘Journey Home’


In the September edition of Spacemusic we bring you Variations in 2 parts. The second part – Journey Home – tells the story about our travels as humans.

Travels to places of peace, passion, harmony, love. Sometimes it takes ages to find it, sometimes it’s already there. Be aware, breathe the moment, enjoy if you can and let it all happen!

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Scanner podcast : Moonlooker

LIVE PREMIÈRE:  September 20th 3:00PM UTC time – Chat with us !
3.00pm UTC – 4.00pm BST – 5.00pm CEST – 6.00pm EEST – 8.00am PDT – 10.00am EDT

Scanner 2020.09.20

Artist: Moonlooker
Album: In The Late Light

Released: May 2020
Bandcamp: https://moonlooker.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-late-light

BIG Thanks: Moonlooker


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Mixcloud: S12.13 The Dream


 (O.A.D. 2020-07-14) Escape now you can … this is a show in full color and full spectrum audio. Your opportunity to float on music: Space, Ambient, Drone, Cinematic tracks in a magical mix. Welcome to Spacemusic 12.13 – a ticket to another world.

We’re THRILLED to have all these artists on our show today, big thanks to all of them! Featuring: Forest Robots, Liam Thomas, Howard Givens, Craig Padilla, Off Land, Specta Ciera, Nimanty, Dino Pacifici, Polar Moon, Miles Richmond, Peter Grenader, Steve Roach, Ian Boddy, Manne Skafvenstedt, Andrew Heath.


The opening contains words by Dr. Steven Greer about the crystal clear full color dream ; that happens the next day or the next week, or ten years later. “How does that Happen?”  The ability we all have.

Enjoy show 12.13 – THE DREAM

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Musicians: submitting your music


It’s great to see that you’re sending your albums, tracks, EP’s and even unreleased material … as you probably know, we’re constantly looking for music that fits our show program – the Spacemusic podcast, the Scanner podcast. So in the genre of Ambient, Chillout, Electronic, Downtempo, Soundtrack, Drone, Space, Experimental, Modular, Soundscapes, Dreamscapes, Chillscapes … please find your way to our ears and submit your work here.

Of course, I’d like to personally answer all your e-mails, but do you want to know the truth? It’s simply impossible! It would take couple of hours every day … which is a bit nonsense really. Please know that IF your work is going to be part of our show, you will notice via announcements on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), on our Ambient Zone site and in show notes for a specific podcast episode.

Make sure we can ‘tag’ and ‘mention’ your account on social media = the best way to find out if your music will be played! Feel free to repost/share/retweet and let everybody know about it 🙂 

As always – links to your album(s) on Bandcamp or other stores will be printed in the show notes that listeners can find on our site and within the RSS feeds, Ambient Zone, Patreon, Mixcloud. We hope this will generate traffic for you !!! (we know it does)

Any questions? Send a message on Instagram for instance – the best way to contact Ambient Zone directly.



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Spacemusic 12.16 “Probiotics” – Recipe Inside!


What a day for a podcast! Here’s our recipe filled with (by) ’Probiotics’ : the good bacteria our body’s need!

From Outer Space adventures to Meditation and Deep Resonating tracks – carefully selected, mixed and arranged in magical order that flows so natural. So much good music is made these days. See? These crazy times have also a very positive side effect! It’s important to be aware of this : thinking positive means staying positive in a world where anything is possible!

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We give away FREE download codes!

https://t.co/QTaMWpvYYf – Listen to the new Spacemusic podcast this Sunday! Then go and post comments on Instagram , the most original/fun comments will be rewarded.
We give away FREE DOWNLOAD codes for “Binary Down Lines” by Apollo North. (Also featured on show 12.16)
The winners will be announced Wednesday September 2nd on our Instagram page. Hoping that you will be joining us, cheers! 👍
~TC  // ambient zone //
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