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Saving the Dream



“I have a dream… and I’m saving it”

We need to have dreams and never stop doing it. This place is where my dream became reality, and somewhat unexpectedly ended. Or let’s say, the dreams been put back to sleep —  Some day, some time, there it will be again, that feeling, that energy, and will be happy for saving it — Never stop dreaming. Peace!

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Submitting your Music

SUBMITTING YOUR MUSIC — Since 2020 the world has experienced strange, difficult, dark and crazy times. Musicians have been ‘locked-down’ like every other human being and have created a lot of music. Oh yes! Several albums that were made during that time still find their way to our inbox and artists ask me to listen and consider airplay on the show.

There are certainly fantastic albums out there and they sound professional and full of hope with a lot of ‘light’ in it! ✨There’s also a lot of albums that sound rather dark. Dark ambient, dark times, uncertainty, sad feelings and quite a few of them are not about the light whatsoever. Forgive me for saying what I’m about to say and I hope you do understand:

The dark music that reaches us – the deep down sad drone dark ambient – will not make it to the show. This has nothing to do with your skills or your music production itself. It’s about the choices I make: I want to play music in the podcast that is about Light, Positive thinking, Hope, Good Energy & Love.

Sound explorations and ambient experiments that make us feel curious, SPACE and intrigued. Sometimes mystique, sometimes a bit random, but always a useful guide. Music about new times, better times, new initiatives, opportunities, beautiful themes and wonderful spacescapes ????

Music that reflects such themes can count on a high ranking and big chance it will be featured on the podcast! After 3 years of difficult times and the unthinkable worldly situation, I feel it’s time to put that period into the archives. Never to be forgotten of course (!) but not to be played and replayed time after time on the podcast. We’re ready for the NEW!

I hope this decision makes sense to you. At least I hope! Feel free and share your new tracks / upcoming releases with me in the Ambient Zone???????? I’m more than happy to check it and who knows … I can feature you!! ☀️ ???? ✨


▶️ https://ambient.zone/submit 

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The Heat and the Cypriots

In Cyprus , I ask myself: why aren’t there any sunshades attached to flats, houses and windows in general ? In The Netherlands we have plenty of those in all kinds of colours: it helps to keep away direct sunlight, it helps to prevent a room / building from warming up and have too much bright light coming in. In Cyprus I have not seen those. While the heat is extreme and rooms are quickly heated to a 35C and higher. Obviously, Cypriots prefer switching on the AC and let the device do the hard work and rob their bank account. “Oh…we put up some curtains, that will do” type of thought. Something I will probably never understand. 

sunshades everywhere in Holland

Is it because they don’t know about proper sunshades? Is it they don’t know how to install them? Perhaps the concrete won’t hold? That’s another topic – haven’t seen proper concrete anywhere that lasts longer than one year. So yes, that could be part of the issue. Cracks appear everywhere and some parts of the road have been repaired a hundreds times while the same holes and cracks keep coming back.

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S15.07 Fresh Air!

Change of scenery … breathing Fresh Air!…. breathing the heatwave 🙂 This is your host TC coming to you LIVE from the beautiful sunny island of Cyprus. It’s a holiday in the Eastern Mediterranean, Yassas! Lounge, downtempo, chill-out and Spacemusic in one go, featuring:

Andrew Heath, Gold Lounge, Pat Keista, Gullen, Jazzy System, Cosmic Cadence, Blue is Nine, Irresistible Force, Klangstein, Artenovum, Michael E, Seifert and Steinbuechel, Jonathan E. Blake, Gary B.

DONATIONS to help us finance this circus 🙂

Can you hear the ocean?
Can you feel the sun?

Enjoy the show and remember to slow it down  …. sega sega!

For your feedback, ideas and stories: feedback at ambient dot zone



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Sessions 017 // VINYL + Cheese

June 2023HOT in the attic, WIND in the attic, summer’s here and I’d like to talk to you! Just before I leave the country … Tune in for a show with a twist, we’re switching roles from now on. The vinyl part comes from my personal archives ; because I like it and it might break the silence? At least in my head it does.

Meet Eat Static and Sensurreal for an amazing wall of sound! Seen LIVE in Paard, The Hague back in the 90’s, still very intense to listen to.

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15.06 Wishing Well

Welcome to the Wishing Well… here you can dream or say what you wish for, some wishes come true, you know, others are kept safe for later in life perhaps.

And if a wish comes true, music can even reinforce, consciously or unconsciously ; it creates a soundtrack we’ll  never forget. Stronger than any fact. Deeper than we thought. Music that we heard at the time of intense changes that – to this day – had a major impact on our lives. That same music may well have been responsible for the feeling that comes to us now, the impression we have, the happy times, the sad times. 

Dare to look back, dare to accept, even if the truth now is not what it seemed before. The music didn’t lie. 

Today’s show is featuring : Ayo, Nicholas Gunn, David Helpling, Ferndance, Lab’s Cloud, Sverre Knut Johansen, Robert Rich, Andrew Heath, Nathan Speir, Stellardrone, Pete Namlook, Lorenzo Montanà, Sinius, Willebrant, The Broken Cradle, Biosphere, Deathprod.

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Join us today!

Summer has arrived and I’d like to offer (new) listeners something special. By subscribing to a Premium year plan you can instantly download and enjoy tons of electronic music entertainment, mixes, features, release info… and you back the station, yes! Help me to keep the shows coming, the Ambient Zone safe, and create even more exciting things!….

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June 2023 – After 18 months being in The Netherlands, it’s time for a Holiday! We’ve organised a Big One 🙂 Hear about the plans for next month, spending the entire July in Cyprus. Taking with me a new mobile setup and making sure the show can go on.

You can keep track of things online, follow me / support me on the coffee page:  https://ko-fi.com/ambientzone  Updates will be posted there, pics, blog entries and project news + the option for you to share coffee moments together ☕️

*** Podcast available for PREMIUM memberships and above through RSS feed and website (HUB – The Lab)

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Enjoy Spacemusic, Sessions, The Lab, Nonstop editions, Bonus Shows, infosheets , tracklists, high quality podcast files and help us to create even more content !!

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Sessions 016 // Inner Body Therapy (2)

May 2023 … Daily wear and tear harming our current cells and new, healthy ones forming. It’s not a matter of a few hours, it’s an ongoing process. Very advisable to reflect on this daily and to adapt your life to the best possible pattern for you, without the pattern becoming a static rut, from which no one gets pleasure nor energy anymore.

Ready for your dose of musical healing and insights?

This part is a continuation of the therapy we started in April, in this part many melodic listening pearls will enter, which may unexpectedly touch you deeply. Let it happen! Surrender to your inner intuition and take a look at what is possible for you in this life! Your one and only.

Music in this episode comes from several albums:

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Wonderful sounds | 15.05

The flavor of ambient/electronica in Spacemusic 15.05 is 100% Yummm! ? Enjoy the podcast / special nonstop® edition and let us know your feedback!
Artists from Spain, Germany, New Zealand, UK, Norway , Ireland…
⭐️ Moon Pool
⭐️ Bordando El Manto Terrestre
⭐️ Beyond Horizons
⭐️ Forbidden Planet
⭐️ Healing Source
… and many more !!!
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