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S15.05 Beyond & Above

Clear view! Amazing sound! Just when you think – this is it – one can look a bit beyond and see things from above, in perspectives if you will. Today’s a soundtrack to the reason of existence: to be alive and to feel alive, communicate, explore, as we only have ONE LIFE!

Pre-release : exclusive feature of the new Trajedesaliva album. What might seem a darker side of ambient can also be seen as an intimate space ready to get flooded by light and wonder. Listen to analog synthesizers, drones, atmospherics and most certainly we have beats as well: you can expect anything in this episode!

Ft. Helsinki Project, Trajedesaliva & Maud the Moth, Rudy Adrian, Baba Gnohm & Samo Zoko, Tetarise, Grasz & Schultz, Sine, Martin Stürtzer, Astropilot, Spacecraft, Oriom, Circular.

Thanks for listening and supporting Ambient Zone & the artists!

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Sessions 015 // Inner Body Therapy (1)

April 2023 … Our bodies are in a constant state of decay and renewal, with daily wear and tear harming our current cells and new, healthy ones forming. Stress interrupts your immunity by altering your cortisol levels, which can prompt inflammation, gradually deteriorating your immune system.

Looking to reduce your stress levels and rebalance the body?

This is a complete musical therapy ; Sessions 015 was made with this in mind. The brain responds to music almost as if it were medicine. Sounds that manage pain, improve moods, releaves anxiety, eases depression. Regulation of various body functions, synchronize motor skills, stimulate the mind – even make us smarter.

Why not give it a try?
Tune in and take it easy, enjoy a well deserved treat!

Music by Meg Bowles, Gleisberg, Vamadeva, Bernd Scholl, John Reidar Holmes, H:U:M, Daevine.

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S15.04 Singularity

Can you feel it? … can you see it change? Let’s be honest ; certain things need to change in order to bring us to a next level. Evolution brought us where we are now, and this is only the beginning. Humanity, environment, technology. Today’s show is a soundtrack to all that : will AI exceed beyond human control and rapidly transform society?

With a variety of artists, supported by listeners world-wide: Christian Wittman, H:U:M, Solar Fields, Blue is Nine, Slow Dancing Society, Bruno Sanfilippo, Chronotope Project, Rudy Adrian, Magnus Murel, Crash, Hollan Holmes, Bart Hawkins, Clemens Ruh.

Visit Ambient Zone for show notes and links to artist sites/pages where you can instantly purchase all the music you hear!


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Lossless format for older Apple TV

For those that have older Apple TV’s in the house ( 3rd / 4th generation HD, 2012-2015 )  and use them for streaming music over Airplay, here’s a little suggestion. The other day I found that Apple Music is blocking the lossless format to stream to these older devices. While if you download and install ‘Airfoil’ on your Mac and select that same Apple TV device as the speaker, you can listen to lossless audio without issues.

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Sessions 014 // Solar Fields

March 2023 … As the wind picks up outside (March – as we say here – stirs its tail) it’s time for your monthly Sessions episode. We proudly present: Magnus Birgersson, aka Solar Fields. Our collection is enriched with a number of vinyl copies of releases that first saw the light of day in 2009 and 2010, and have now been re-released, re-mastered, reprinted.

Today’s show features the albums “Movements” and “Altered2nd Movements”. Beats and pure ambient, it’s all there! All music is available through digital platforms like Bandcamp. The vinyl releases via the Sidereal site. See the links below and say hi! to Magnus.

Tracks in this Session:

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S15.03 Total Recall

“The ability to remember with great details”   – welcome to Spacemusic 15.03 “ Total Recall “

Things they did not teach us in school …. crazy times have become a new place, a new type of world. It might all feel unfamiliar and sometimes absurd. More than enough reason to stay focussed and tune into Spacemusic! 

In this zone we do not judge and do not let ourselves be deceived, here it’s about the music, about our feelings, our heart, about our thoughts that make us human. No room for discrimination, war, mean games or slander. Here we leave everyone free to come and go as they please, free as a bird, full of inspiration with the greatest possible potential, to connect and to love. Enjoy the show!

Total Recall brings us music by Sverre Knut Johansen, Christian Wittman, N:L:E, B. Ashra, Sinius, Off The Sky, Craig Padilla, Marvin Allen, Desensitized.

Thanks for supporting the artists and Ambient Zone!

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Sessions 013 // Lammergeyer

February 2023 … I’m gonna take you back 20 years in time ; shortly after the launch of the Spacemusic podcast a remarkable label draw our attention. We met a very talented artist APK – Anthony Paul Kerby from Canada. Responsible for projects like The Circular Ruins, Nunc Stans and Lammergeyer. Most wondrous ambient/electronic music coming from a man that dreams and performs music that doesn’t need many words…”High-altitude immersive soundscapes from the lair of the Lammergeyer” 

Music in this episode comes from the albums:

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S15.02 Ad Astra

The World today : where craziness has turned to crisis and hope has become our friend … Here’s an invitation : AD ASTRA!

Featuring: Meg Bowles, Ludwig van Beethoven, Andrew Heath, C-Jay, B. Ashra, Sinius, Solar Fields, Aes Dana, All India Radio, Bruno Sanfilippo. Thank you for supporting the artists, do check the tracklist for instant music purchase.

“ In times of psy-ops and crises, I get peace and energy from art and music; beautiful music linked to memories or a feeling of total relaxation and inspiration in the here and now. Only then I can function properly as a human being; thoughts that are meaningful and dreams I want to chase. In my opinion, the essence during the search for ourselves and each other. Now, let’s dream and discover – Ad Astra “

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