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Ambient Zone Affiliate Program is online! If you love what we do ❤️ and if you would like to support us reaching even more new listeners, why not become an Affiliate? You can now join our Affiliate Program (AP) and earn revenue for every new Ambient Zone Member that you refer.

Visit our Affiliate Program page and read all about it.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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Interview: Chillout Music Experience

As featured on Ambient Zone: the CHILL-OUT MUSIC EXPERIENCE

Learn from the best and meet the Big Names in the Chill-out scene ; Martin “Youth” Glover, Mixmaster Morris, The Orb, System 7, Tripswitch …

This Workshop consists of a music production program in combination with a holiday in a beautiful chillout environment. You’ll learn how to produce chill-out/ambient music and see the magic happen in Logic Pro. In your free time you can relax and enjoy the inspiring Andalusian environment in Spain and visit interesting tourist attractions.

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Spacemusic 11.8 Trip ‘n Chill Vol.2

FREE MIXCLOUD STREAM | This is volume 2 bringing you even more trippy adventures to enjoy! Unbelievable sounding tracks that go perfectly well together, adding depth to eachother, creating even other dimensions. Though it took quite some time to find those that really like eachother and do match the flow I had in mind. I never thought that 11.8 would become this good!

If you’d like to download this episode and enjoy this show to the max, consider becoming a Member here

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Spacemusic 11.7 M87 Black Hole

Can you hear the birds? … Can you hear the sea? … 

FREE MIXCLOUD STREAM | Today we grab the mic and go for a walk.
It’s Paradise here! It’s all green, blue, turquoise and more.

Contradiction: episode inspired by the first-ever direct image of a black hole in the M87 galaxy (Messier 87). This black hole is a supermassive black hole that is almost the size of our entire solar system. Imagine what’s on the other side …

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The Lab is about to Launch!



On our very first episode of The Lab, we’re proud to present a very Special Guest:
Glen Darcey – former Vice President of Product Management ARTURIA is here!

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Spacemusic 11.6 Dark Fader

Are you ready for a serious Journey?

FREE MIXCLOUD STREAM |Dark Fader” is a journey into Dark Ambient music, not particularly dinner music …. no. If you’re looking for that please search for something more light to accompany you tonite. But if you’re interested in serious matters, why don’t you dive into this episode and explore the releases and labels.


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Heat Wave

Heat wave Cyprus June 2019The image says it all folks … It’s June and Summer is out of control already!

Yesterday a 39C (102.2F) on the display. No studio time then. This morning I was able to record the new mix for Spacemusic 11.12  – Do not ask me how I did it, it’s very difficult to focus under these conditions. There’s a lot of Zennnnnn involved here 🙂

Of course there’s an AC in the house. There’s three! But the only AC that keeps the bills within the affordable range, is the Inverter AC in the bedroom. So I improvised a bit. The other AC in the studio is not cooling well, absorbs way too much electricity and it makes a lot of noise. It has to be removed and changed for a new Inverter type.

I’ve asked my agent, and she’s asking the landlords. If the Landlords say ‘No’ the consequences will be not so good. It might even mean that I will need to leave this house. But if we have a deal, I will stay at least another year! I even offered to contribute in finance for a new AC. Come on! Say Yes!

Spacemusic 11.12 release date? I hope within a couple of days but unfortunately I can’t promise this time. Shows are produced on the main computer, standing in the studio. The weather is having a great effect on everything. Even the Cypriots are surprised about these high temperatures during this time of the year.

Speak soon!


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Spacemusic 11.5 SkyBird

Back in Cyprus after my flight to NL – inspired by the flight above the clouds – sunrise, having breakfast, hot Earl Grey tea and the lovely cabin crew of Transavia serving us at 39,000 ft. This is your Flight Control: beware ” Skybird ” is a total < w i d e a n g l e > sound experience and includes significant amounts of the (((sub))) frequency range. Play at high volume at your own risk 

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