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The World as we knew it

If we (Ambient Zone) are affected by the news and current situation maybe?

Well, there is a moment in time when it all gets a bit too much I guess. And that moment … is here. Can’t deny that.

Reading the news this morning, they’re taking episodes of Fawlty Towers off the screen, statues of leaders and explorers taken down, thousands of people in the streets, white people being asked to kneel and apologize …

I’m glad there is an Ambient Zone, I’m glad there is Spacemusic. So I can be busy with more interesting things like new releases, musicians projects, mixing great tunes and deliver fantastic podcasts!

But meanwhile, the World as we knew it, is not here anymore. But what’s it like out there?

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Mixcloud: S12.7 Microcosmos


The ‘Microcosmos’ episode will help you to take things easy and to shift the focus from the outside world to the inside world: YOU. Because YOU are the most important ingredient. YOU are one of many but so unique, YOU have qualities no one else has, YOU can start creating. The more you experience your true nature, the closer you are to the field of pure potentiality.

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Spacemusic 12.10 Lightscapes – Out Now!



0:00:00 – Welcome to Spacemusic 12.10 “Lightscapes”
0:07:42 – Awe – VENJA MUSIC
0:12:37 – Early Reflection – JOHN GREGORIUS
0:17:10 – Matins – BEN COX
0:23:11 – Forming, Flickering City of Sorts – SAUL STOKES
0:25:30 – Purple Mist – ANCIENT ASTRONAUT
0:28:51 – Clouds of Vela – DREAMSTATE LOGIC
0:31:41 – Reminiscent – YAGYA
0:34:41 – Drawing me Near – BLUE IS NINE
0:40:20 – Another Forest – CHAXTI
0:44:00 – Silent Path – RESILIENCE
0:49:52 – Shored Against My Ruins – Three – FLUXUS MUSIC
0:53:01 – Ocean of Subtle Flames – CHRONOTOPE PROJECT
0:57:25 – The Tree is Sleeping – ANDREW HEATH


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Lightscapes … ETA May 28

🎧S 12.10 – Arrival May 28. Ft. VENJA, John Gregorius, Ben Cox, Saul Stokes, Ancient Astronaut, Dreamstate Logic, Yagya, Blue is Nine, Chaxti, Resilience, fluXus, Chronotope Project, Andrew Heath … 🎵 Fantastic electronic entertainment for you!!!

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Heat, Dust, Focus

Hi friends! Hope you’re well. Small update from CY – where the heatwave is at the MAX today, already 40C around 10:00AM this morning and still rising. I think we might very well hit 44C this afternoon. Wanna bet?….. 🤪

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Mixcloud: S12.6 Ancient Future


Stay positive friends! – We’ve found the most excellent tracks that will keep you company for a long long time. The opening is by Anima – it inspired us for the show theme “Ancient Future”. Wonderful new works as well and some older pieces; like the synths from Emerald Web in 1980 … It’s all here for you to experience today 🙂

Music by Anima, Lauge, Evadez, Connect.Ohm, Jonathan E. Blake, Emerald Web, Chris Russell, Nimanty. It’s a story being told here, it’s a soundtrack to our Journey towards a Safe New World.

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Free Dive!

After 45 days of isolation in Cyprus, the government introduced the gradual easing of the Lockdown since May 4th. Here’s phase 1: permission to swim in the sea!

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