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! Major Software Upgrade

dear Member,

The end of 2020 is coming … in every aspect : difficult times. From our membership software developer we understand that the software we are currently using will come to an end in terms of support, updates and the proper working of the membership / payments plugin. In simple language it comes down to the fact we have to upgrade our version to a new ‘Suite edition’ of their software plans.This Suite includes their new and next generation membership plugin, an optimized checkout module. (All other levels of the software plans do not include the plugin). Big thanks Optimizepress. How kind of you …….

What they have decided is rather harsh: If you don’t upgrade to the suite, its game over! Because as they say themselves – they did not forsee the intensity of support necessary for the membership plugin. So… all this no longer for prices we were used to. In fact we’re talking about 400% price increase compared to 2020 and 2019. Yes, that is correct : 4 times higher yearly costs! We go from roughly 50 euro to 200 euro/year.

Unfortunately, this is not all. What we decided at the beginning of 2019 is to keep working with our current WP theme for the Ambient Zone site. WP itself has an impressive version history, lots of updates, but our theme has not been updated anymore  ( we bought the theme back in 2014) We start to see ‘cracks’ now and vulnerable parts in the coding. Our hosting company has been sending us warnings already, that we must take care of certain weak spots. The problem is: the theme we’re using is no longer being developped! There is no update available and there never will be! The theme got removed from the stores couple of years ago, we can’t even contact anyone about it.

So, another decision to be made as well;  to change our Ambient Zone theme framework. Rebuild the site frame and hopefully being able to save the pages content and the membership environment. A new theme. To keep going!

All this together will take time, lots of energy and … money. Lots of euros actually. Both the new membership suite plan, the plugin, a new WP theme for the site that is absolutely future proof (Lifetime Updates) All together we’re looking at ~400 euros. The membership software is not Lifetime guaranteed, these costs will remain roughly 200 euros each year.

We wish to make the decision soon and we wish to do things the right way so that our site and membership area is completely supported now and in the future, to prevent a situation that we’re now in. If we don’t do anything we can no longer guarantee a proper working Ambient Zone site and Membership environment within the next months orso. In other words: it HAS to be done, to keep Ambient Zone flying!

So here’s our shoutout for help! 

We’re looking for Support. If you read this and want to support this intense upgrade process, let us know, send an email, hit the donation link on the home page, let us hear you!

We are a small community, our future depends on our listener’s support. Now more than ever before. Your help is appreciated, not only that, it is even necessary to keep everything UP in the air.

Thank you.

AZ // Nov. 15th 2020


PS : if all members would donate 5 euros or more, it would probably cover the costs. But you know how it goes… not everyone is willing to do that, which is fine but less convenient.

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