MIX: Hall of Ambient

Hall of Ambient

Photo: Markthal – Rotterdam, NL.

Sometimes you can feel small in a big room, as if the room was created for bigger things; Sometimes you can feel big in a small room, as if the room was not created for big things…  Now, imagine a place where everything goes well together; where small things can become bigger and the big things can change to smaller sizes … a Place where size doesn’t matter anymore, where it’s all about perception, possibilities without boundaries. Are you following…? 😉 Enjoy the Hall of Ambient: carefully selected ambient tracks that create an atmosphere without any size or weight, suitable for many occasions. Just hit PLAY.


  • [00:00]  Piano Textures VI (Piano Textures 1.) – Bruno Sanfilippo
  • [08:20]  Intrinsic Fluctuations (Subliminal Pulse) – Bruno Sanfilippo
  • [19:45]  Winter Sorrows (9980) – Connect.Ohm
  • [24:10]  Wandering Thought (Below the Mountain) – Craig Padilla
  • [28:48]  The Departure (The Spirtis of Starlight) – Hollan Holmes
  • [33:52]  Blue Horizon (Atmospheres) – Rudy Adrian
  • [37:44]  Unlike any Other (We all fall Down) – TCR / Off the Sky
  • [40:20]  Lanzarote (The Shutov Assembly) – Brian Eno
  • [47:50]  Janneh Fi – Janneh


Hall of Ambient by // Tc // on Mixcloud

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    downloafing this fantastic mix now… Destined for lots of playtime! Vrede en licht TC

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    TC. I’ve been onboard your site from the start. Thank you for what you do!!!

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    Excellent as always TC. Sad to see Spacemusic go, but so glad to see it evolve and live on in spirit.

    Regardless of whether you get tons of comments or feedback, know that your work has not been in vain. You’ve inspired many more people than you will ever know!

    Dave L from Pennsylvania, USA.

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