Music Submission

Musicians, producers, labels and other creative people: you can submit your music to the Ambient.Zone!

Just select files you’d like to share. Be sure to get them right here in Rotterdam …. please use services like WeTransfer or any other online file sharing service. Do not invite us the join a Dropbox.

Please, don’t be alarmed if you do not hear from us …. we’re probably busy listening tracks!

Ambient/Electronic, Dark Ambient, Cinematic Ambient, Space, Chillout, Experimental, Minimal.

Please take good care of tagging your files so it’s easy to read the ARTIST name and TRACK name. If you could also send an e-mail with a short biography/background info or link to your online profile (Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc.) that would be perfect!

Accepted Audio formats :

  1. MP3 format (320Kbps only please)
  2. AAC format (320Kbps only please)
  3. WAV format
  4. AIFF format
  5. Apple Lossless
  6. FLAC format


Shipping physical albums to our studio. Please consider this option for best audio quality submission and sharing the smell and joy of a real album… The address is available on request.

Wondering when your music will be on air?… Just keep following the Ambient Zone, listen to the mixes and you will find out if your music has become part of a the show.


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