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Some time ago I’ve put up a fundraiser for MIXCLOUD Pro, to see if we could upgrade our current free Mixcloud account with the help of our listeners. Thanks to you guys out there we were able to reach that goal, which was awesome!

Unfortunately, the money will not be spent on Mixcloud Pro. That will have to wait, till better times. As we’re facing a difficult financial situation in the Ambient Zone ; a decreasing number of supporters but rising costs for studio maintenance, (domain and DNS) registration, software, hardware, file hosting, etc. means that we are currently short on cash. So I have to make choices. Then no Mixcloud Pro for a while; I want the show to continue!

Since the serious inflation worldwide, the listening plans at Ambient Zone and Patreon have not been adjusted in price by me: because I believe(d) that everyone should be able to choose a suitable plan. Well, the effect of inflation and a declining number of supporters (because they too are struggling!) is now more noticeable than ever.

I’m doing my best to keep the station running, I can tell you it’s very difficult. Almost all costs have literally more than doubled, sometimes tripled.

Mixcloud has therefore disappeared from the agenda for the time being; there are too few listeners / investors who make this responsible. The podcast – as it is now – must be able to continue and is priority 1 as far as I am concerned!


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If you want to continue supporting me, great! I hope so. If you are not doing this yet and would like to make a financial contribution from now on, please go to my donation page (https://ambient.zone/donate )or buy me some coffee on the Kofi page ( https://ko-fi.com/ambientzone ) : then the money will certainly be well spent.Thank you in advance!

I’ll keep you up to date.
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