2nd Life!

The Ambient Zone is back online with new shows…! Tune in for the very first one coming from the Larnaca region in Cyprus*: this is a LIVE broadcast from the new home studio. It’s uptempo, it’s downtempo, it’s Ambient & Electronic Entertainment again ūüôā

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  • [00:00]¬† Imagination¬† –¬† LUKAS TERMENA
  • [08:28]¬† Shed my Skin – THERESA
  • [13:42]¬† White Dress – SET MO, DEUTSCH DUKE
  • [17:56]¬† Evigt Fiskande –¬† PANG!
  • [27:10]¬† All Dimensions –¬† HATIKVAH, KARTRAUM
  • [29:29]¬† Autumn Leaves –¬† AIISO
  • [33:27]¬† Somewhere In Your Arms¬† –¬† TIME ENGELHARDT
  • [37:47]¬† Mind Maze¬† –¬† ANIMAL PICNIC, RAN SALMAN
  • [42:03]¬† White Room¬† –¬† THOMAS LEMMER, NAEMI JOY
  • [48:10]¬† The Tunnel¬† –¬† BETWEEN INTERVAL
  • [50:10]¬† Gravity Core¬† –¬† BETWEEN INTERVAL
  • [55:20]¬† Colors¬† –¬† ROBERT BABICZ
  • [57:47]¬† Glimmer¬† –¬† HVOB
  • [59:17]¬† Torrid Soul¬† –¬† HVOB
  • [1:06:03]¬† Still Here¬† –¬† RAE & CHRISTIAN, GITA LANGLEY
  • [1:14:00]¬† This is my Ambient.Zone! Thanks for your Support!


*)¬†Yes baby, I’ve left Rotterdam and I’ve left The Netherlands. Many reasons for it. One of the reasons I speak about during¬†this show is also true: it’s becoming too much stress, too much hatred, too much violence, too much “what you have to do” instead of – Quality of Life. Over the past few years I’ve experienced a transition into some sort of ‘robotic culture’. Nope. Not for me!

I won’t miss the fighting and shouting, won’t miss the climate, won’t miss the traffic jams no matter where one goes…. I’ve pressed the Escape button after 46 years.¬†Let’s have a good glass of wine now, listen in peace to amazing music and celebrate the arrival and permanent stay on Cyprus! Here’s to Life itself including my Cats! Totally ready for Summer ūüôā ¬†~TC

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  • I just read that now. Im a long time listener and just explored that you restarted the Space Music Podcast. I was so sad back in 2015 when you announced that you will stop making it. I was listening to Ambient Zone but missed the old TC. Over the years I was listening to the old episodes but never came back to your website until recently I got a mail from ambient zone.
    Great to hear you made the switch and left the Netherlands. I left Germany for the US in 2014 and it was an awesome ride so far. Hope you still love being in Cyprus.
    Anyways, Im happy to see Space Music back alive and I will go ahead and subscribe right now ūüôā

    • Hi Michael, good to see you! Welcome back. There’s plenty of new material and shows here since we started again in 2017.

      Also noticed that you became a Patron. Thank you and if you do not mind me asking, why Patreon? Do you know we have the most sophisticated listening plans right here at Ambient Zone? Spacemusic, The Lab, Scanner, Ambient Zone TV … starting at only ‚ā¨4,-/month. Check out https://www.ambient.zone/en2/become-a-member Have fun!

  • Good luck TC and thank you for the mixes. #legend #inspiration

  • WOW! What a change indeed. Congratulations, and over the years of listening to your amazing music, gone through this and that in life like us all, your music, inspiring me throughout the good and difficult times, I’ve been very fortunate in having you there. Thank you TC, from the depths of me heart. Now to start and listen to a new post. Woohooooo

  • Thank you so much for the new show TC and the very best to you in your new lands. It takes a tremendous of courage to pack bags and to restart a new life. I wish you (and your cats) all the very best. I hope Cyprus works out well for you and I hope the island will appreciate their new source of amazing ambient music.
    Be well TC!

  • What Is is the song that is playing at the end of your episode?

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