The beauty of surroundings, walking, driving, gliding through time. It’s those special moments in the blink of an eye that can last forever. Call it a snapshot, call it a still image. Ingredients are being hard copied to the central nervous system. This is the soundtrack to such moments; music that lasts forever and capable of bending your surroundings to a special something, for your eyes only. Please play, share and enjoy “Blink” everywhere!  (this mix has been recorded / mixed by TC using one ear only / in a state of sinusitis)


Blink by // Tc // on Mixcloud

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  • I was sad to see SpaceMusic go, but so glad to find Ambient.Zone. Thanks for keeping the internet chill TC!

  • Nice TC, I love the new mixes. I have been a supporter for a very long time. I enjoy your mixes and presentation of thought and feelings. Also, your site is a nice upgrade.

  • Even with only one ear, TC does it again! Keep it up, you Dutch God…

  • Just another great mix. Thank you 🙂

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