Invisible Touch



What goes up … sometimes never comes down. Tracks chosen for their overwhelming sounds, great melodies and deep impact. From very melodic tunes to cinematic drones, exciting new tracks blended with DeJa Vu’s for longtime electronic music listeners… Have fun!



  • [00:00]  Borrowing the Past (EP’s, Singles…)    HAMMOCK
  • [06:00]  Circle Flow (Circle Flow)    PARTICLE IMAGE VELOCIMETRY
  • [13:36]  Evenfall (Far & Off)    AES DANA ft. MIKTEK
  • [19:20]  Stonington Moon (Heaven Condensed)    CRAIG PADILLA
  • [27:45]  Valchirie (Compilation 1991-2004)    BIOSPHERE
  • [32:32]  In Threes (Sea Island)    LOSCIL
  • [37:57]  Zero Gravity (Electronica .1)    JEAN-MICHEL JARRE FT. TADREAM
  • [43:59]  Local Subdivision (Crumbed)    MONOID (M.DONATH EDIT)
  • [52:18]  Texture .6 (Piano Textures .2)    BRUNO SANFILIPPO



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