Seven Seas | FULL mix!

Inspired by the music from the Scanner podcast TV episodes published in 2020/2021. This mix was created, mixed and mastered in June 2021. Tracks have been arranged, audio has been enhanced through deep sea soundscapes and dynamic processing. The mix is about 74 mins of the best ambient / chill-out music. No talking.

“ For you to calm down this summer, all tracks were collected and remixed even further… ‘Seven Seas’ has become a deep level listening experience for a Summer long! “

Ft. Dreamstate Logic, Meg Bowles, Arctubulae, Moonlooker, Off Land & Specta Ciera, Andrew Heath, Slow Dancing Society.

Mix is also available in high quality audio format ( MP3 and chapterized M4A) as part of our listening plans.

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