Time Lapse


Here we are … Autumn leaves, chilled temperatures, showers and sunshine in between: it’s time to sit back and relax with the new Ambient Zone Nonstop Mix! Like the title says: “want to get ahead in life while things are getting delayed”. When days become part of a time lapse. Moody tunes, soundscapes, beats, grooves and very intense cinematic pieces. It’s all there for you to enjoy (stream!) and post your personal comments below please. Cheers! ~TC



  • [00:00]  Modigliani. –  GUY FARLEY
  • [03:32]  Snova I Snova –  SCANN-TEC
  • [10:02]  Dead End Thrills –  CUBICOLOR
  • [14:15]  Money –  NOR ELLE
  • [19:53]  Love Intense –  OPENZONE BAR
  • [25:35]  Empathy –  NOR ELLE
  • [31:02]  By Change  –  OHM G.
  • [35:47]  Wireless MK2  –  THE ORB
  • [41:08]  City Wakes Up  –  BIOSPHERE
  • [45:30]  Window  –  HVOB
  • [51:45]  Silver Part 2.  –  THOM BRENNAN
  • [54:30]  Leaving Home  –  A FORREST CALLED MULU
  • [56:50]  Silver part 4.  –  THOM BRENNAN
  • [1:03:55]  Lost in Thought  –  JON HOPKINS
  • [1:09:31]  Cold out There  –  JON HOPKINS
  • [1:12:33]  Starstuff  –  VANGELIS


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  • Spacemusic listener, and now ambient.zone from Season 9 episode 12 … TC is the music of my adulthood. As always mate, seductive and provocative – brilliant!

  • Love the slight change in direction since SpaceMusic which I’ve listened to for years. TC, thanks for taking the time to put this together, still loving your work!

    • You’re welcome Steve! Enjoy the new style 🙂

  • Good day everyone,

    so. . how is it possible to listen to the tracks? Do I need some sort of player or a subscription?

    • Hello Heiko, you’re not making a joke I assume. You can just hit the play button and the music streams through your speakers… no subscription needed but you can follow me @ Mixcloud if you want so you’ll be notified when new Ambient Zone content is available. Thanks for your comment.

      • I’m using Safari and all looks good, if Heiko is using Firefox he might not (like me – just tested it) see any possible way to play the music unfortunately.

      • Tnx for that info; not sure what f i r e f o x wants then, sorry for it! Browsers should just play this very basic content, right? If not, please consider installing another one.

  • Spacemusic listener checking in! Excellent work TC. Perfect vibes for a chill work day.

  • Where has everyone gone? Come on Spacemusic listeners, chime in …………………..

    • Nice try… 😉 Everyone’s busy I guess. Busy with … listening?

  • Ambient excellence! Another truly fabulous mix TC. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this.

    • Thanks Tudor!! Appreciate your feedback.

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