[remastered edition] Traveling through time and space …. Part 2 of a series that make you realize there is no time whatsoever and no limitations caused by any dimensions of the space you’re listening in. Hit play and do like extreme good electronic music tracks by Green Isac Orchestra, Nimanty, Stellardrone, Craig Padilla and many more…



  • [00:00]  Thón (Green Isac Orchestra)    GREEN ISAC ORCHESTRA
  • [06:10]  Cats Sleeping on Clouds (Auracle)    MANEKI NEKO
  • [15:10]  Funky Planet (Auscultare)    TM SOLVER
  • [29:05]  This is Infinity (This is Infinity)    NIMANTY
  • [48:15]  Across the Light (Heaven Condensed)    CRAIG PADILLA
  • [55:05]  Movement III (Architexture of Silence)    ALPHA WAVE MOMENT
  • [62:58]  Tabula Rasa (Granite)    MARTIN NONSTATIC
  • [67:45]  Circular (Quiet Friends…)    PHASE 47
  • [74:04]  Dust of the Stars (Sublime)    STELLARDRONE
  • [77:43]  Stranded on Riegel 3 (Shades of Orion 3.)    PETE NAMLOOK & TETSU INOUE


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  • Excellent, another mix that totally chilled me out when I needed it. Thanks!!!

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