Twilight Zone


// Our thoughts are with those in Paris and everyone that has been affected by the attacks //

Ambient up/downtempo tracks melted together but certainly split into their so beloved environments. This is the soundtrack to the Twilight Zone we live in…



  • [00:00]  Tesselation (Geometry)  –  TRIPSWITCH
  • [08:24]  Concentric Circles (Geometry)  –  TRIPSWITCH
  • [16:41]  Open Minded (Granite)  –  MARTIN NONSTATIC
  • [21:34]  Into the Mist (Eye of the Wizard)  –  DEBORAH MARTIN
  • [23:58]  Goodbye (Autumn Time 3)  –  TAUON
  • [27:41]  Flores (Autumn Time 3)  –  WALDLÄUFER
  • [32:17]  In Flagrante Delicto (Moth in Flames)  –  PAUL ELLIS
  • [40:01]  Devine Moments (Aural Space)  –  BRUNO SANFILIPPO
  • [48:12]  Movement III (Architexture of Silence)  –  ALPHA WAVE MOMENT
  • [58:50]  Alchemical Powers (Subliminal Pulse)  –  BRUNO SANFILIPPO
  • [01:04:36]  Texture 3. (Piano Textures 2.)  –  BRUNO SANFILIPPO


Twilight Zone by // Tc // on Mixcloud

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  • Hi TC

    Also, a great mix – especially the upbeat intro by tripswitch … I see, you’re still going strong and I really like it!

  • TC,
    Nice job on the dedication. One of my absolute pleasures is listening to your tracks and cuts. I use your music to reset and refocus. Thank you for providing this nice respite.

    Hope the best from Portland, Oregon, the silicon forest.

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