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S15.10 Enigma

Autumn starts with a series of mysterious things; the only thing you know for sure is that the Spacemusicpodcast is the ultimate companion to make your time as pleasant as possible. What fantastic releases have been forwarded to us again.

Peace on Earth really starts here, so make others aware of it and who knows what the world will look like in a while. Spacemusic 15.10 “Enigma” features: Erik Wøllo, Ambiente Solstice, The Polymusicon, Chronotope Project, Lars Leonhard, LPF12, Space Drum Meditation, Jarguna, Thorny, Purl & Sinius.

Maybe you also wake up during the night and for whatever reason you can’t sleep anymore. If you put on a non-stop edition of the podcast like I do, you will fall asleep again in no time, in a pleasant way. Try it!



0:00:00 – Welcome to Spacemusic 15.10
0:02:48 – Motion Picture – ERIK WØLLO
0:06:43 – Out of the Void – AMBIENTE SOLSTICE
0:09:40 – Ecotopia – ERIK WØLLO
0:13:05 – Heaven’s Chord – AMBIENTE SOLSTICE
0:13:34 – Transformation of Matter part 2 – THE POLYMUSICON
0:23:06 – Unwinding the Dream – CHRONOTOPE PROJECT
0:25:27 – Geodesic Lines – LARS LEONHARD
0:32:03 – New Cargo – LPF12
0:36:54 – Müde Augen – SPACE DRUM MEDITATION
0:43:20 – On Top of the World – JARGUNA
0:45:20 – Out of Nowhere – THORNY
0:47:36 – So Many Questions – PURL & SINIUS



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