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Sessions ft. David Helpling NEW album “IN”

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Sessions podcast – a series about the diversity of ambient, soundscapes and music. Exploring and absorbing the energy that thrives us.

Sessions 002 brings us the PREMIERE of the NEW David Helpling album. An Exclusive Interview TC had with David, a conversation about the creation of ‘IN’ , guest appearances and how a global situation has not only affected us all but can inspire at the same time. The album releases April 15th 2022 and we play it on the show … today!

All music in this podcast episode comes from the new album ‘IN’ and is available at:



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  2. Patreon (HQ audio)
  3. Apple Podcasts
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  5. YouTube (audio stream)
  6. Mixcloud (always later in time)

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The Universal Première of the new David Helpling album “IN”

Hear it first March 16th in the Ambient Zone! Available as an audio podcast and YouTube video ; Sessions brings you the Exclusive Interview TC had with David, they talk about the creation of the new album, guest appearances and how a global situation has not only affected us all but can inspire at the same time ✨

Tune in for a relaxing conversation that really connects with the listener and of course .. you will hear lots of music coming from this brand new release “IN” – a very powerful New Age Electronic piece of art! The entire interview can be streamed from YouTube and downloaded as a podcast on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Ambient Zone, Patreon and Mixcloud.

FULL interview (audio) on YouTube:


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  • To hear the album “In” is the sequel to “Sleeping on the Edge of the Edge of the World” is great news to me personally. I eagerly await to be overwhelmed by the emotional journey this new creation by David will take me! The healing qualities of David’s music is unmistakable! Anticipating the joy of new emotions by listening to the new album “In.”

    • Cool you’ve really tuned into this Session, Alan! Great to hear this, David can be proud of his intense and creative work 👍🏻

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