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Mixcloud: S12.8 Macrocosmos

*** NOW AVAILABLE ON MIXCLOUD *** As promised…. after Microcosmos, comes Macrocosmos. Today we enter space, the Universe itself. In which anything is possible. We have the best ambient artists prepared for you for the soundtrack ; 13 tracks, 16 artists. Most of the time: music. Not much talk. THE best medicine at this moment, […]

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S11.18 Soundfulness

*** NOW AVAILABLE ON MIXCLOUD *** When music meets thoughts: this episode is a unique blend of tracks forming the perfect soundtrack to some soul searching and visualizing a deeper meaning of why we’re here  As long as we are willing to listen carefully and explore – “Soundfulness” is your personal guide, a Journey into […]

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MIX: Spring

Listen… It’s the sound of the heart, the sound of Spring. Time to go outside! This mix offers birds, bees, flowers, trees and lots of fresh sounds for you to explore. How typical what Spring does to us, some even say that Spring is the only season Big Steps are taken…. What are you waiting […]

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