|Episode 2 – Pat Keista

Air date: September 6th 2019 (members) and September 18th (public)


… I Create Worlds …

On our 2nd episode of The Lab, we’re proud to present our Special Guest:

Pat Keista – Born in Yorkshire, music composer and producer. He travelled around the globe, lived in Singapore, has a passion for music, instruments, programming and experimenting with sounds. Always looking for inspiration and new stuff, Pat is an Associate Professor with a PHD in Information Systems.

Pat tells us more about his original workflows and lets us hear audio experiments coming from plugins, synths and the post production chain. Hear about the recipe for the E11EVEN album, how tracks have been made and what exactly triggered him to create these worlds. We play music from the album and from this folder full of sounds that he has sent us … Are you ready to expect anything?

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Inspired by the Apollo moon landing in 1969 – 50 years ago. This EP “E11EVEN” was written in San Francisco, Sausalito and Nottingham. It forms part of an EP “E11EVEN” which launches on 20th July 2019 – the day of the moon landing.

Visit Pat Keista on Bandcamp : https://patkeista.bandcamp.com/releases

Visit the Official Pat Keista website: https://patkeista.com