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Rotterdam, march 25th 10:12AM – Looking through the window….. it’s deep dark grey, it’s rainy, it’s March, it’s the one that comes after February, it’s more or less the same. Perhaps for most Dutch people it is nothing special and even ‘typical Dutch’ weather. I can tell you: I’ll never get used to this view honestly, I’m more the type of guy that gets his energy from the sun, making plans for the day, activities outside, combined with a few things that will be done inside. This is also known as Freedom. Hmm, what did I just mention here?

Freedom is – perhaps – an illusion. Just like the weather: one day you think you have all freedom you need, the next day dark clouds come in and take over. The late Brussels bombing for example. Boom! … so much for freedom. Terrorist attacks seem to have become part of our daily life. Every train station or airport now shows even more security than ever before. Wherever you go, you will be watched, you will get in line, you will be asked what you’re doing or what you’re planning for the next few days. We’ve all become part of the security system; no matter who you are or in what country you are. There’s terrorism around and every person is a victim in advance. Welcome to Freedom.

So I really started wondering: what is this place? Where can we go in order to experience a peaceful environment, without the pressure, without the stress, without the threatens, without the attacks? Not only for a moment but as a good place to live? It’s getting harder with the day my friends! Even the Ambient Zone – a place where you can go to for the most relaxing and inspiring music – is having a hard time now; it has been a while since our latest music mix has been published, partly because of the situation these days. Brussels is just over 100 km’s from Rotterdam, where I live. So tell me: where do I find inspiration?

In response to the Ambient Zone tweet couple of days ago (“Where can we find peace and happiness?”) there were only two followers replying. The first one sent us a link to a 2 minutes home made track, as a place to find peace for that amount of time. The second follower was Mr. Jon Jenkins:

” Peace, Happiness, and Love are abundant & free flowing for those of us living in the deep beauty of the Ambient Zone ”

I’ll pray to that!



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