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Thunder hits Cyprus

Good morning Members,

Quick note about our wintery scene here in Cyprus ; over the past 10 hours there has been nothing but rain, thunder, hail and lots of wind. Professional Thunderstorms! Around 10.30PM last nite two storms met each other right about the Oroklini area where I am, which resulted in a lightshow ⚡️ as you can see below. I disconnected all the power supplies in the studio, just in case it would escalate. The amount of rain has been app. 40-50mm which is ‘normally’ what we can expect in a two week period. December so far has been very wet! The amount of rain has exceeded 140% of the average amount in the same period.

After checking all ceilings and doors, I’m happy to mention there has been no leaking or damage. Yeah! Something that is  always a matter of ‘fingers crossed’ when this kind of weather attacks the island.

Today I will continue recording the podcast; Spacemusic 11.24 will hopefully be ready for publishing tomorrow but let’s keep the fingers crossed … there’s some heavy storms expected again later today.

~ TC

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