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We’re here! On Discord!

Happy to announce that we now have our own Discord server! From now on we can all come together and talk…. Open 24/7 so you can join us whenever you like 👍

We’ve been listening to your feedback and thinking about ways to interact and communicate with each other from any device. The Discord platform is what came out. Fully integrated with Patreon, Members and Visitors to expect.

⚠️ Available for Patrons and Members already, soon everyone’s invited !!

We’re still playing with the bubble wrap 🙂 building a cool place to hangout and meet other listeners, chat with artists, read show announcements, share thoughts, ideas etc. Whether you’re on the desktop, mobile, laptop … it works!

Not having a Discord account yet? Nothing to worry about. Neither did we. It’s free, easy to set up, literally a one-minute process. You can start chatting right after that!

Login or register Discord: https://discord.com/login

See you in a bit!


PS: ask for invite link if you can’t access the server.

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  • Hi TC – could I have an invitation to the Discord server please?

    • Sent an invite to your email address Alan!

  • Hi TC, thanks for all great music! When I click the invitation link, I get the message that the link is invalid: “Invite Invalid – This invite may be expired, or you might not have permission to join”, with a link to an explanation page: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001556852 – Can it be that the invite link has expired?

    • Hi Aldert! Yes correct, Discord works via Invites. I’ve sent you one. Enjoy!

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