|Affiliate P.R.O.G.R.A.M.

” Refer new Ambient Zone Members and earn revenue “

Ambient Zone is creating podcasts in the Ambient/Electronica genre. We host the Spacemusic podcast, The Lab, Scanner and we create videos for our Ambient Zone TV channel. New content and updates are released on a regular basis and all is distributed towards our Members according to their Membership subscription levels.

If you love what we do ❤️ and if you would like to support us reaching even more new listeners, why not become an Affiliate? You can now join our Affiliate Program (AP) and earn revenue for every new Ambient Zone Member that you refer.


– for every new Member that subscribes at Enhanced level monthly membership
(and stays a member for min. 90 days) referred by you: you earn € 5,-

– for every new Member that subscribes at Premium level monthly membership
(and stays a member for min. 90 days) referred by you: you earn € 10,-

– for every new Member that subscribes at Premium-Plus level monthly membership
(and stays a member for min. 90 days) referred by you: you earn € 15,-


New Memberships will be checked again 90 days after the initial registration. As an affiliate you will receive your earned revenue if the Membership is still active (as in: active payments for ongoing access) . All payouts are processed using Paypal Money Transfer.*

It’s Free

Joining our AP is totally FREE. You will not be charged by us. Just send us an e-mail when you have a new referral. It’s that simple!

How it Works

If you ‘re about to bring in a new Ambient Zone Member, it’s time to send us an e-mail. Provide us with the Name and e-mail address of the new Member. And also provide us with your own details*

Please Note: it is very important that you contact us before the new Member joins a plan and that you provide us with the correct e-mail address that this new Member will use for the registration. Any referral info arriving after the registration does not quality for the AP.

New Membership will be checked again after 90 days of initial registration: if the Membership is still active, we will process your revenue payout as described above. All payouts will be processed via Paypal Money Transfer.

Note: always make sure we have your correct Paypal account data / e-mail address. This is your responsibility, not ours.

What’s in it for you?

-Free to join!

-Unlimited referrals / earnings

-Easy payouts via Paypal

Who is this AP for?

The Affiliate Program is accessible for everyone! Personal, business, blogger, YouTuber, store, shop, online marketeer etc. You don’t have to be a Member of Ambient Zone in order to join the AP. Just send us an e-mail. We will ask you for the usual contact/personal data. You must have a valid Paypal account for receiving your revenue, any other payment processing methods are excluded from the program.


If you have any questions about the AP or want to join the program, do contact us: affiliates@ambient.zone
This is also the e-mail address to inform us about new referrals.

Ambient Zone offers banners and images that you can use on sites/social media/blogs. Please find them here.



*) Money transfers are under the influence of Paypal terms, conditions and possible fees and conversion costs.

*) Your referral must be known to us BEFORE the new Member subscribes. Any new referral that arrives in our inbox AFTER the registration will not be valid for the Affiliate Program.

*) Our Affiliate Program is based on monthly Membership subscriptions. The yearly plans are excluded from the program.

*) In order to make this program work, we need some data as well. Send us an e-mail with your request to join the Affiliate Program.