|Showtime Program


Day 1 – exploring tracks, sounds and vibes that go well together – the basics of preparing a podcast episode – creating the tracklist – tryout and rehearsal – recording the mix – file management – backup management

Day 2 – preparing the recording of the actual show  – equipment check – setup of timeline – Action! – LIVE recording – introducing: our Special Guest Star – editing techniques – mixing & mastering of the show – compression formats and parameters

Day 3 – writing the shownotes – collecting links & creating the infosheet – ID3 tagging – uploading files to our servers and platforms – programming XML feeds – publishing the show – sharing content on social media platforms – conclusions – celebrate the results!



 The workshop is available anywhere between June – November 2020. Do contact us for details and confirmation for the exact 3-day period before ordering the Workshop. There’s a maximum amount of 3 participants per booking. (If you want to participate with 4-6 persons it takes 2 workshop bookings)

Workshop Schedule:

Days 1-2-3 are scheduled mainly between 10:00 and 18:00 but can vary depending on several factors (technical, internal/external conditions, weather, inspiration). The full show production roughly takes 16-24 hours to complete. Some parts of the process you do not have to attend. After all – this is a workshop during your holiday!

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3-Day Workshop “Showtime!”
€ 365,-

(incl. airport taxi, lunch, coffee, tea, refreshments, private pool)




Your stay in Cyprus:

The following accomodations are located within a 10 mins distance from the Ambient Zone studios. If in doubt, do check a map online if you need to book another hotel/apartment. Of course we can offer a Pickup-and-Return during the 3-day workshop for a small fee. Just ask us, no worries!

Accommodations we recommend :
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   |   Option 2.

Tickets to Cyprus:
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