|Episode 1 – Glen Darcey

Air date: July 23rd 2019



On our very first episode of The Lab, we’re proud to present a very Special Guest:

Glen Darcey – former Vice President of Product Management ARTURIA is here! We’ve met Glen for the first time in the Spacemusic podcast days back in 2008, when he sent us his ambient album ‘Ambiata’. (The album is still available ) When we asked Glen to join  us in The Lab for audio and sound experiments, he immediately said yes. Fantastic!

We talk about his musical life, about designing and building instruments, software, apps. And we listen to audio pieces.

There’s some great news on this episode: Glen is about to release a brand new synthesizer! And we’re letting you hear the first sound experiments … Not only that, we even offer the pieces as exclusive content you can buy here!

You can listen + download this episode in 320Kbps mp3 format if you are a Premium Member in the Ambient Zone. Please check our plans and prices here

UPDATE | September 3rd 2019

The new Synth is here!

Main Website of Ashun Sound Machines: http://www.ashunsoundmachines.com


On this episode of The Lab we can hear pieces that were made using the brand new synth that is about to be released by Glen and his team of engineers … the tracks are not available anywhere else! You can pre-listen the pieces below and click to order, which brings you to the Paypal Checkout and download page.

When you purchase the music you are supporting the artist + Ambient Zone.



Buy all 4 tracks for only € 3,49