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Fresh Air! 2020 – OXYGEN

*** Available on Mixcloud ***

Your ears need something like this today ❤️

Enjoy the downtempo/lounge and some beats in this brand new Fresh Air! edition. Music that makes you happy, music that makes you feel good. It will help you getting your mind off the current situation for an hour…. you deserve it!

Tracks by Lee Burridge, Izzet, Nicholas Gunn, Chrypton, Claude Debussy, Jean-Bernard Pommier, Robert Rich, Weathertunes, Thomas Lemmer, Tina Sona, Samantha James, Max Melvin, Alex M.o.r.p.h.

Mixed & Recorded by *TC*
Stay calm, relax and stay healthy!

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    More than ever, having some soothing beats to listen to, especially while out walking or biking (it’s the only activity allowed outdoors) is a stress reliever and hope-inducer. Thanks as always, TC!

    • TC

      …Know exactly what you mean Fred, glad that you’re allowed to do so! Never stop hoping, though these times might seem endless, things will change but it’s gonna take a while. So that gives us some time. Time to spend our spare batteries with caution, re-focus and re-organisation, prepare for a Safe New World with new protocols and standards. Keep listening my friend!

  • Avatar

    Blessings TC! This is an amazing, uplifting mix – just what the doctor ordered. Enjoyed listening while outside surrounded by the beauty of early spring. Thanks for all you do 🙂

    • TC

      Thanks Steve! Good to hear you like the variations 😊 Don’t forget – what we think is what we feel and what we make of it 🙏🏻

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