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MIX: time:zone:part:1


Traveling through time and space …. Part 1 of a new series that make you realize there is no time whatsoever and no limitations caused by any dimensions of the space you’re listening in. Hit play and do like phenomenal electronic music tracks by Deborah Martin, Von Hallgath, Altus, Acronym and many more…

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MIX: The Circle

The Circle

This mix is the soundtrack to our lives, communications and interactions. Sharing, connecting. It’s no longer a question of how, it’s a question of when: from our minds to their minds, from hidden to unhidden. Inspired by people, possibilities and perceptions, this mix is a 86 minutes Ambient Epiphany … Stay Awake! Keep Dreaming!

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MIX: 21,000 LEDs



Soundtrack for “Firmament” – a Burning Man 2015 Art Installation by Christopher Schardt: A vast, star-shaped, domed ceiling of lights and motion. Moving images of shooting stars, Hubble photos, aurora borealis, and various visions of heaven are depicted by 21,000 LEDs hanging 10-15’ above the ground. Big Thanks to Vince Mills and Christopher Schardt *.  Event Time & Place: Black Rock City, Nevada, aug 30-sept 7.

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MIX: Air Light Water


For some an immense step…. for others already known; we’re going back to basics. Today’s LIVE-mix “Air Light Water” is kind of SUPER ambient music that really helps you to breathe, see, hear, feel and take your moment. There’s nothing but great artists being part of the outstanding tracklist created for you: Boris Lelong, Csillagköd, Emil Klotzsch, The Circular Ruins, Off the Sky, Solar Fields, Robert Douglas, Frore & Shane Morris, Hollan Holmes, Nimanty & Solarsoul.

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MIX: To the Arctic


The soundtrack for a trip to the Arctic… the flight, the arrival, the survival, the atmosphere. Ambient music that really reflects the landscape, the glaciers, the wetland, the rivers. You can feel and breathe the air! This non-stop mix includes tracks by Biosphere, Hollan Holmes, Alpha Wave Movement, Loscil and more.

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MIX: Spring


Listen… It’s the sound of the heart, the sound of Spring. Time to go outside! This mix offers birds, bees, flowers, trees and lots of fresh sounds for you to explore. How typical what Spring does to us, some even say that Spring is the only season Big Steps are taken…. What are you waiting for? Jump! (in Dutch language: “Spring!”)

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MIX: Blink


The beauty of surroundings, walking, driving, gliding through time. It’s those special moments in the blink of an eye that can last forever. Call it a snapshot, call it a still image. Ingredients are being hard copied to the central nervous system. This is the soundtrack to such moments; music that lasts forever and capable of bending your surroundings to a special something, for your eyes only. Please play, share and enjoy “Blink” everywhere!  (this mix has been recorded / mixed by TC using one ear only / in a state of sinusitis)

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MIX: Nachtzicht


Photo: Nachtzicht in Rotterdam

Sometimes during winter, it’s like the nights last longer than the days … this mix is the perfect soundtrack to that. Sounds excellent in your livingroom, bedroom, headphones or BIG HiFi set. Tracks by AES Dana, BT, Hollan Holmes, Shane Morris & Mystified and many more. “Nachzicht” refers to any visual contact you might experience during the night. ENJOY! // TC

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MIX: To Tranquility


Photo: Hidden places in the City

In the middle of december…. ambient music as it should be…. Take a break for at least an hour, withdraw from the crowd, sit back and relax. Stop time if you can? The only thing you need is the Air you breathe, this Non-stop® mix and an open mind. The mix starts off with wide atmospheres, drives up the tempo and ingredients, gets more intense, deeper, and offers very much positive energy throughout the event.

Breathe in…. feel the energy…
Do something amazing today!

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Music Submission

Ambient, Electronic, Spacemusic, Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge, Experimental, Minimal, Soundtrack, Meditation, Landscape…

Musicians, producers, labels and other creative people: you can submit your music to the Ambient.Zone!

Just select the files you’d like to let us hear for possible Airplay. Be sure to use services like WeTransfer or any other online file sharing service. Don’t be alarmed if you do not hear back from us directly after you’ve submitted your music. We’re probably busy listening tracks!

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