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MIX: Air Light Water


For some an immense step…. for others already known; we’re going back to basics. Today’s LIVE-mix “Air Light Water” is kind of SUPER ambient music that really helps you to breathe, see, hear, feel and take your moment. There’s nothing but great artists being part of the outstanding tracklist created for you: Boris Lelong, Csillagköd, Emil Klotzsch, The Circular Ruins, Off the Sky, Solar Fields, Robert Douglas, Frore & Shane Morris, Hollan Holmes, Nimanty & Solarsoul.

File under: super ambient.
Best listening: in one go.


[00:00] Suspended (Quiet Friends…) – Boris Lelong
[06:35] The Communication System… (Silent World) – Csillagköd
[08:01] SCTL18 (Tiefe Berge) – Emil Klotzsch
[13:19] Your Unknown Hand (We All Fall Down) – TCR & Off the Sky
[18:14] Combinations (Extended) – Solar Fields
[33:01] Between Islands (Robert Douglas) – Robert Douglas
[36:40] Ritual Sequence (Blood Moon) – Frore & Shane Morris
[43:53] Earth Song (Incandescent) – Hollan Holmes
[47:36] Discovery of the Universe (same) – Nimanty & Solarsoul

Air Light Water by // Tc // on Mixcloud

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