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MIX: Blink


The beauty of surroundings, walking, driving, gliding through time. It’s those special moments in the blink of an eye that can last forever. Call it a snapshot, call it a still image. Ingredients are being hard copied to the central nervous system. This is the soundtrack to such moments; music that lasts forever and capable of bending your surroundings to a special something, for your eyes only. Please play, share and enjoy “Blink” everywhere!  (this mix has been recorded / mixed by TC using one ear only / in a state of sinusitis)


  • [00:00]  Retreat (Microcosmos Chillout vol.2) – Cubering
  • [05:35]  Sensitive Mind (Enfold 01) – Fingers In The Noise
  • [11:23]  Thank You (The Inevitable End) – Royksopp
  • [16:55]  Windwave (Visual) – Ø.Sevag & L.Patey
  • [19:24]  Juno (Evolve) – Setsuna
  • [25:08]  Serene (Enfold 01) – MIKTEK
  • [30:02]  The Forest (Satyrinae) – Joe Frawley
  • [35:04]  A Place Where Dying Crows (Inside Life) – Bruno Sanfilippo
  • [40:14]  # (Tonelist trio) – Bram Stadhouders
  • [46:33]  Waterclock Secrets (Satyrinae) – Joe Frawley
  • [49:09]  Midday Bells (Nighttide) – Swartz


NB: I’ve stopped offering the download links as it causes nothing but frustrations and very, very long download times. Please enjoy this mix by streaming the content.


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    It’s a great Mix, relaxing and inspiring, thank you, T.C., but please let me say, I do miss your Voice on your Podcast, come back….

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    Hey TC,

    Nice mix and good to have new stuff for my ears and relaxation 🙂 Miss your podcast, but as you said, we have to move on, eventually! Hope you are well and let go of all the sickness.

    Take Care, till next mix 🙂

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