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MIX: Nachtzicht


Photo: Nachtzicht in Rotterdam

Sometimes during winter, it’s like the nights last longer than the days … this mix is the perfect soundtrack to that. Sounds excellent in your livingroom, bedroom, headphones or BIG HiFi set. Tracks by AES Dana, BT, Hollan Holmes, Shane Morris & Mystified and many more. “Nachzicht” refers to any visual contact you might experience during the night. ENJOY! // TC


  • [00:00]  Out of Body Experience (Way Down Where) – Steve McGrath
  • [03:46]  Jetlag Corporation (Pollen) – AES Dana
  • [08:28]  Rewind (Enfold 01) – SCANN-TEC
  • [14:14]  Selenic Light (Moon Pool) – Circular
  • [18:28]  Weathering Storm and Tide (Emergence) – Shane Morris & Mystified
  • [22:10]  1.618 (This Binary Universe) – BT
  • [30:20]  The Departure (Spirits of Starlight) – Hollan Holmes
  • [36:18]  Trip 4 (Melting Loop Trip) – Shinobu Nemoto
  • [41:17]  Evening’s Empire (Vague Traces) – Phillip Wilkerson & Chris Russell



Nachtzicht by // Tc // on Mixcloud

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  • // TC //

    Yes, you can click the ‘download’ link for a download coding service. Yes, it can take hours to do that. I recommend streaming the music mix, the way this is designed 😉 Note: I’ve stopped adding the download link in the shownotes from now on but of course you’re free to use any tool you can find. Peace!

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    Truly stunning TC! Can’t wait for the download to finish… Using a great app on my iPhone to grab it.

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    We’re going to hear this great mix in eight hours again. And tomorrow. And the the day after tomorrow. Definitively.

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