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MIX: To the Arctic


The soundtrack for a trip to the Arctic… the flight, the arrival, the survival, the atmosphere. Ambient music that really reflects the landscape, the glaciers, the wetland, the rivers. You can feel and breathe the air! This non-stop mix includes tracks by Biosphere, Hollan Holmes, Alpha Wave Movement, Loscil and more.


  • [00:00]  The Starry Sky (The Starry Sky) – Nimanty & Solarsoul
  • [06:08]  The Year’s First Rain (Incandescent) – Hollan Holmes
  • [11:49]  Schwebewald 2 (Schwebewald) – Pete Farn
  • [15:31]  First Contact (Analog Overdose) – Fanger & Schönewälder
  • [22:22]  Awaken (Yasumu) – Alpha Wave Movement
  • [33:24]  Gravity Assist (Shenzhou) – Biosphere
  • [38:28]  Opening to New Perspectives (Life Flows Water) – H.Givens & C. Padilla
  • [55:50]  Cotom (Stases) – Loscil


To the Arctic by // Tc // on Mixcloud

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    TC….wonderful episode as always. I even subscribed! Is there any way to download these so I can listen as I travel or perhaps a stream I can use to download and sync into iTunes? Thank you in advance for the reply.

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