MIX: To Tranquility


Photo: Hidden places in the City

In the middle of december…. ambient music as it should be…. Take a break for at least an hour, withdraw from the crowd, sit back and relax. Stop time if you can? The only thing you need is the Air you breathe, this Non-stop® mix and an open mind. The mix starts off with wide atmospheres, drives up the tempo and ingredients, gets more intense, deeper, and offers very much positive energy throughout the event.

Breathe in…. feel the energy…
Do something amazing today!


  • [00:00]  Eternal (Group Therapy) – Above & Beyond
  • [02:30]  Journey to Tranquillity (19 below zero) – Paul & Maxime Hardcastle
  • [09:05]  Evenfall (Cut EP) – AES Dana & Miktek
  • [15:15]  All that Makes us Human continues (This Binary Universe) – BT
  • [21:42]  New Skin (Tierra EP) – I Awake
  • [26:46]  Picnic in the Levitating Park (Agget) – T.S.R.
  • [30:10]  From A to A (Source) – SYNC24
  • [35:35]  Sleepover (Wanderlust) – Der Waldläufer
  • [38:18]  Liquid Incense (Chillin’ Cuts) – Aural Planet
  • [44:08]  Overture (Radio Universe) – Asura
  • [52:05]  I wasted the whole day… (2014/12/04) – AkR
  • [56:01]  Crystal Landscape (Quiet Friends) – Space Megalithe



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    This is a very good episode of high level quality, as known from you 🙂 Thank you for 9 years of extraordinary music via @spacemusic. Looking forward hearing from you in 2015. Have a good start into the new year.

  • // TC //

    downloading the mixes can be done via several online services, the download speed is something else.

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