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New keys ⌨️ from a ‘new ‘ make

Hello there!

What do you mean … ‘new ‘make ? Well, after losing the ” A, E, S, C, V,…  ” from the current master keyboard in the studio (Matias) , I decided that enough is enough. After 3 years the Matias keyboard is done. The company itself (Canada) could only offer me to send the item to Canada for further investigations as ‘normally’ their keyboards will not lose their letter prints, as they said. But Canada is not as hot & humid as Cyprus i believe?

It just shows – after using the keyboard in these crazy hot-as atmospheres  – no matter how many hours of AC. It’s something in the air that makes products wanna bend, crack, fall apart and eventually give up. At least less quality products suffer a lot every day, given the circumstances.

Our Logitech mouse (MX720) so far has been a huge succes and years ago I was using another Logitech keyboard (special white Mac edition) Unfortunately that older keyboard is simply – too old- for Logitech to maintain the software any longer. But it’s still ‘typing’ and not a single letter has disappeared from the surface!

So Logitech it is then! New product coming. The MX keys series , illuminated, wireless via Bluetooth & Unifying, USB-C charging, able to be used with 3 computers which – believe it or not – can be very handy!

Last but not least, I wouldn’t  even know where to start when stores like Amazon would not sell it! Why? Well, In Cyprus this Logitech keyboard is not in stock anywhere. Forget it. There’s no demand.  For me  this is no surprise anymore. But you can order it from certain shops, as they will probably order it themselves from Amazon too 😉 Instead of 3 weeks waiting time and paying twice the price, it’s better to order directly from Amazon yourself. Amazon Germany and UK are my life savier. So it’s coming: next Tuesday ( 7 days delivery)

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