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New show 11.9 is set!

Good news! The new Spacemusic podcast has been recorded, mixed, mastered and compressed to all formats. The shownotes have been written, the tracklist is complete, the links have been included. The page for the Members is written and scheduled for publishing. The RSS feeds are programmed and scheduled for publishing. The Mailer is scheduled and will be sent to all Members. The show has been uploaded to Patreon in all formats. The posts are scheduled there as well. Patreon e-mails will be sent automatically.

Total creation/recording/production time for show 11.9 ± 15 hrs.

We’re ready for the launch of Spacemusic 11.9 “The Secret Life of Ambient”
ETA (for Members) – 12 May 2019 – 22:30 (EEST)

Promotional videos will be edited and published via social media within the next few days.

Have fun tonite!

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