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New user RSS feed access (resolved)

2019-06-01 / 08:22AM (EEST)

New users always receive a separate e-mail that includes the RSS feed access details. At this moment we’re experiencing an issue where we can’t add new users to the database. As soon as the issue is resolved, new users will receive the e-mail. We’re very sorry for the inconveniences this might cause.

Please do know that you can always access the individual show pages and file downloads.

2019-06-03 / 09:53AM (EEST)

Initiated a workaround for being able and add new users to the RSS feed access. The Show Must Go On – meanwhile we’re waiting for a definite solution from our hosting company as it seems the problem resides on the server.

Users that are affected by the issue: none.
As mentioned … the show must go on! 🙂

2019-06-04 / 14:33PM (EEST)

Problem resolved. Home-made solution. No solution was offered by the hosting company. The Direct Admin turns out to be very difficult for them. “why do certain people have certain jobs”. We have no idea! 🙂


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