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New Video Machinery!

Happy to announce that I’m expecting a new video-dedicated computer!

We’ve found a Sponsor (staying anonymous) and they are financing the new equipment for Ambient Zone. Yes! Thank you so much! It’s so good to get this extra support for our video / editing activities! ?


We’re looking forward to a new 2018 Mac Mini 6-Core i5 desktop, including a new 27 inch screen, set of speakers & sub, backlit Final Cut Pro X keyboard and 256Gb SSD inside the house. Equipment will arrive within the next few weeks. The computer will be used exclusively for video editing, nothing else. And the great thing about this Mac Mini is that I can even take it with me wherever I go….  of course a screen must be provided at the destination point 🙂

I personally believe in the new Mac Mini series; this 256Gb SSD drive edition that comes with the 6-core Intel i5 will cause significant improvement: compared to the 2011 model iMac that is in the studio for the audio productions. I simply did not want to ‘overload’ the iMac anymore. All the video editing, rendering and compression activities are asking a lot of the machine. Last time I did it, steam was coming out and the Mac got extremely hot! No, I wanna enjoy this 27 inch iMac a lot longer for the audio podcast productions.

Also: the Mac Mini is very flexible when it comes to the internal RAM that can be expanded later and the use of an external GPU. I can imagine that we will come to a certain point in time where it’s better to go and use the eGPU solution: using an external graphic box that will deal with heavy editing, color corrections, titling and what not. Sure it costs another few hundred euro’s but … it’s possible! And that’s a wonderful thing 🙂

Thought it was cool to mention all this so you have a bit of an idea what’s going on in the studio. I can now prepare more content for Ambient Zone TV and soon share with you new wonderful footage that I’ve shot in Cyprus!

But be patient my friends: first I will spend some time setting things up , installing software and plugins, copying my custom compression chains and more of such stuff!




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