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Hello Members!

I hope you’re well. And I hope you are enjoying the shows. Also, I hope you’ve received latest e-mails and …. that you’ve read them? …. No? Why? 😳

Here’s a thing  – reading the statistics for our recent mailers – to my surprise and a bit of worry, the amount of members that actually open our e-mails is decreasing. Part of the results may be caused by Summer Break / holidays. But in general : It could be a higher engagement rate! On the other hand, we offer some great RSS feeds and a speedy & complete site with everything you wish for, haha! So why would you need that e-mail….

I will keep sending the mailers – as they contain an overview of new published shows, announcements and the occasional ‘news letter’. At the same time I ask myself: how can we make them even better?

YOUR THOUGHTS: any comment or suggestion about our e-mails is appreciated. What would you like to see in those e-mails, certain information, topics, links, images. What’s good and what’s not so good.

Together we make this service even better!



PS: Did you know how easy it is for you to unsubscribe? The link is at the bottom of each e-mail. If you do not want to receive our letters, it’s just one click away. This might result in more fun for us while reading the stats – as the percentage of messages that get opened up will probably rise ! 😆 Joking of course, but hey, you can unsubscribe, just wanted to say.

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