Moon Safari

Inspired by the recent (partial) Moon Eclipse on August 7th: perfect for a 100% Ambient Music session of 90 minutes… Join us on our Moon Safari ft. Jani R, Fejka, Puremusic, Lycoriscoris, Mosaik, Alex Cortiz, David Helpling and many others.

Mixed, recorded and mastered in Cyprus by TC.



  • [00:00]  Salvation  –  AMBYION & PHELION
  • [05:45]  By Your Side – JANI R
  • [07:30]  Illumination – FEJKA
  • [11:59]  Born to Love –  PUREMUSIC
  • [17:53]  Lush –  LYCORISCORIS
  • [22:55]  Cold Fire In Rain  –  AYER
  • [27:08]  Sunlight  –  FEJKA
  • [31:48]  Peace and Gravity  –  AARON MARSHALL
  • [38:36]  Ashley’s Theme  –  TYDI
  • [41:46]  Icarus  –  MOSAIK & HUNZ
  • [47:23]  MSK  –  LYCORISCORIS
  • [51:49]  Merlot Drive  –  ALEX CORTIZ
  • [58:58]  Playing  –  PURL
  • [1:01:28] Under the Radar  –  JANI R
  • [1:05:59]  All the Beauty – JANI R
  • [1:11:25]  A Thousand Flares – JANI R
  • [1:15:40]  Heat Leak – BIOSPHERE
  • [1:18:14] Souls in the Sky – DAVID HELPLING


Illustration Photo: Moon Eclipse – shot on August 7th in Larnaca, Cyprus. © 2017 Ambient.Zone

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  • Hey TC,

    good to hear your voice again, hope you are alright. You may not realise it, but we all love your shows and take an active interest in your life. Since years i listen to your shows, you accompany me, when i am out with the dog in rainy streets, when i´m on a train watching landscapes passing by and so on. I listened to your potcasts so many times. I like it, when you share your thoughts and feelings with me, so do not stop to let us participate in your life. There is nothing like your podcasts in the hole universe! I am sure people love you more than you can imagine.
    Have been to cyprus myself. People there are wonderful, they preserve an attitute of live that more and more got lost here in the north of Europe. Greetings from the baltic sea, prosper donge

  • Cool, that you get inspired by some astronomical event. Especially for a hobby astronomer like me. Now I have a new great compilation when waiting for a starry night ????

  • Great stuff, TC – I really like it and through Mixcloud you are also on my Sonos! (How about HiRes Audio?)

    Best wishes, Matthias

    • …. even more hires? We’re at the max possible rate. Enjoy!

  • TC,
    Love your mixes and needed one today. My mom is in the hospital with a bowl obstruction. Went in Sunday at noon and just found found out she is getting out at 6:00 today (Tuesday). She is in her 90’s and doing well for her age. Uses an computer to keep up with family and friends. I still miss Space Music days, but love your new mixes. Keep going, you cheer up the lives of your listeners every day.

    Jack from Ohio USA

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