Photo: Nachtzicht in Rotterdam

Sometimes during winter, it’s like the nights last longer than the days … this mix is the perfect soundtrack to that. Sounds excellent in your livingroom, bedroom, headphones or BIG HiFi set. Tracks by AES Dana, BT, Hollan Holmes, Shane Morris & Mystified and many more. “Nachzicht” refers to any visual contact you might experience during the night. ENJOY! // TC


Nachtzicht by // Tc // on Mixcloud

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  • TC, this is wonderful!

    I have been listening to SpaceMusic since 2006, and I recently went back and listened to ALL of the podcasts again. What a fantastic experience!

    Then I got to the last episode, and was so sad to hear that SpaceMusic was ending. The final track by Vangelis was the perfect way to end the series.

    And now I discovered I’m so glad you are still producing these great mixes. I just signed up for one of the subscription plans. Thank you for 10 years of SpaceMusic, and thank you for

  • Enjoy all your music on ITunes and now here! Keep up the god work!

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