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S 11.21 Noise of Art


Show for Mid-November 2019 brings you tape, coffee, chill-out moments and the most impressive music in the (experimental) ambient genre! Melodic adventures from past and present at the end of the year 2019 …. that’s right: a new decade is around the corner and we have a special request.

Musical contributions by Drome, Andrew Heath, Off Land, Off the Sky, Biosphere, Motionfield, Steve Roach, Kiphi, Josh Leake, Eguana.

It’s simply amazing how Ambient music from old tapes arrives in our ears….  a recent comparison of tape and the digital copy of a certain track made me decide to give my Technics Deck a place of it’s own in the studio. No more hiding in the closet!

( Original Air Date: 2019-11-12 )

*** This show is available as a download on our Patreon Page and Ambient.Zone ***

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