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S 12.1 “Emanator”


Welcome to a brand new Season 12! Now also on Mixcloud …

There’s so much good music available to choose from … as a start it’s going to be very ambient and soundscape today. Total relaxation comes with “Emanator”, creating the perfect vibes for your winter.

Musical contributions by Fjeld, Johan Agebjörn, Mikael Ögren, Toby Marks, Andrew Heath, Michael Crain, Jason Carey, Bruno Sanfilippo, Darshan Ambient, Saul Stokes.

After listening to the new Darshan Ambient album ‘A Day Like Any Other’, the sad news came to us that Michael Allison passed away on January 9th. The release for the album was already planned for January 17th. It is with deep Sympathy we play two pieces from the album on our show. Rest in Peace, Michael. This is not the end.

*** Also available as HQ download on our Patreon Page / Ambient.Zone ***

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