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S 12.2 Bright Skies


Up that mountain we go today! …. feel the snow, breathe the air, look around you… everything on the same island: Cyprus where Summers hit hard and Winters can become a Wonderland. This episode of Spacemusic brings you fantastic grooves and very inspiring tracks by a variety of artists around the globe, as the soundtrack to our walk in the snow.


Musical content provided by Eleon, David Helpling, Pangaea Projekt, Darshan Ambient, Diane Arkenstone, Ivan Teixeira, Riptidal, Andy Leech, Victoriya, Paul Keilhau, Rudy Adrian, Motionfield.

Original Air Date: 2020-01-28

🙏 Special Thanks to Spotted Peccary Music, Michael Crain, Riptidal Music, Paul Keilhau, TXT Recordings and all artists for making this adventure happen.

*** Also available as HQ download on our Patreon Page / Ambient.Zone ***

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